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Tap into Your Inner Tween with Stress Relieving Slime

Tap into Your Inner Tween with Stress Relieving Slime

It’s been called a boredom-buster and stress-reliever for tweens – but you, as an adult, can get the same stress-relieving benefits when you delve into the tween world of slime. You may have seen it first on the Nickelodeon during the 90s.


Celebrities and others were slimed with green ooze as they struggled to find a way to get out and away from the sudden onslaught. Now, that neon green slime can be made in your own home and can be any color you like.


Making and manipulating slime is simple and lots of fun. It’s the perfect activity for relieving stress you may have suffered at work, on the freeway or the fast-paced world in which we live.


It’s easy to make – using very few ingredients that you may find at home. School glue, shaving cream and contact lens solution are just a few of the slime ingredients and you can vary it with recipes you find online.


You can also order slime kits such as Nickelodeon Slime which contains all the stuff you need to make gooey, neon or glowing slime. Or, make airy, white, fluffy snow slime by mixing one part school glue with one part shaving cream.


Then, add contact lens solution just one teaspoon at a time until the slime begins to unstick from the mixing bowl. Now, you’re ready to play with your slime. There are numerous recipes you can find online and they’re amazingly inexpensive and fun to make.


Slime is a wonderful way to help children with many skills such as emotions, senses, eye-hand coordination and more. As a stress-reliever, slime can help adults get their frustrations out and get their minds off problems.


The gooey, highly manipulating substance is soothing, calming and creative. You can make anything you want from it – or nothing. Just the simple act of squeezing and shaping it can help you pour all your problems into it and then forget them.


Anti-stress items are best-sellers and recommended by therapists to people who need stress-relief. It’s an inexpensive way to combat stress and it’s readily available and very inexpensive.


Items such as stress balls that are malleable in your hands have long been used to relieve stress and even help with coordination. Spinner fidget cubes are also online best-sellers for stress relief and squishy toys are also popular.


Slime kits are bestsellers on Amazon and they’re inexpensive enough for everyone to enjoy. There are kits such as those that contain glittery slime and others with delightful smells such as watermelon and cotton candy.


Some websites let you create your own slime. You choose the scent, type, color, texture and more if you want to create any slime you can imagine. You can even get recipes and other fun stuff to add.


You may wonder what the hoopla is all about when it comes to slime, but once you dip your hands into the gooey blob and begin to manipulate it, you’ll be amazed how your stress evaporates.


It’s as if the slime absorbs the stress and leaves you calm and collected. The science behind that feeling is that you’re transferring your thought process to the slime rather than focusing on your problems.


As you manipulate the slime in your hands, your mind can’t help but relax at the feelings you’re experiencing and help you stay calm and relax. It essentially frees your mind and helps your health by reducing overall stress that’s to blame for high blood pressure and blood glucose levels.


You can let your mind soar to a creative place where all things are possible. When you think about what you want to create with the slime you’re releasing stress-relieving endorphins that promote emotional well-being.


Stress relieving techniques such as slime have also been proven to help people overcome physical and mental barriers such as intense pain.


Many slime concoctions contain essential oils and herbs that are also instrumental in helping you relax. Lavender, vanilla and other essential oils are well known for their abilities to induce calm and relaxation to help you sleep.


Other oils and herbs can help to heal and sooth your skin as you manipulate the slime. They may contain coco butter and mineral oils or other ingredients contained in many medical skin treatments.


Slime is actually part of a modern group of items called fidget widgets. Stress balls, slime and other fidget products helps to distract your mind from the trauma and troubles of everyday life and helps you put your life more in perspective.


Mixing, pulling and pulling slime is an inexpensive and therapeutic way to leave your daily concerns behind and give your mind a vacation. Schools are promoting slime as a healthy way to relieve student stress.


Some schools are offering stress workshops where slime is featured as a viable way to get stress relief from finals and other problems found in the student culture. While slime isn’t the entire answer for stress relief, it can be highly instrumental in the big picture. Try slime-therapy as a fun and inexpensive stress reliever in your life.

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