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Find a Fractal and Focus on It!

Find a Fractal and Focus on It!

A fractal may sound like something you’d encounter in a high school math class. It does have to do with math, but in psychology, it’s used to explain patterns. Fractals in nature might be flowers, ocean waves and snowflakes.


In the realm of art, fractals can be swirls or other elements in a painting that are repeated throughout. Fractals can make an impact on the stress in your life by providing a relaxation technique that calms and promotes happiness.


Psychological research concerning how fractals affect stress has been extensively performed using equipment that tracks eye movements. FMRI imaging and other types of brain measurements indicate how and why people respond to certain fractals found in nature.


The findings concluded that when people were exposed to nature’s or art’s fractal patterns, their stress levels were reduced significantly. It’s caused from the eye responding to a physiological resonance in the eye.


Now studies are determining if particular landscapes or architectural designs can play a part in relaxation. Doctors and dentists sometimes use murals of nature and calm places on the walls or ceilings of their offices that bring a calming effect to their patients.


Using fractals in your own life can make you feel happy and content. All you need to do is pay attention to the fractals in your life. Walking in a park or garden, watching cloud formations for a while and even the old childhood fun of blowing bubbles can be a relaxation technique that’s inexpensive and calming.


Experiment with fractals as a relaxation tool. Try the above suggestions, music and other means of creating patterns in your mind. Pay close attention to your stress levels both before and after the experience with the fractals.


Some people who use fractals on a daily basis claim it’s a wonderful way to tap in to your potential. It’s a way to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and empower yourself by rooting out beliefs that limit and hold you back.


Fractals are also used by artists and other creative people to unlock creativity in their respective careers. They can help to rid the psyche of blocks to accomplishments such as success, love and relationships.


Other ways using fractals in your daily life might help are with sleeplessness, addiction and other areas of life that depend on the subconscious for reinforcement. Music has been a factor in calming and stress management purposes for a long time.


While faster tempo music can make you feel optimistic and more energetic, slower music can calm and soothe you, relaxing your muscles and relieving any stress you may feel.


Alpha brainwaves happen when a person is relaxed, and music can change brainwaves to alpha within about 45 minutes of listening to soothing music. Studies have found that music works the same as calming medication for relaxation purposes.


Fractals are present in Celtic, Indian, Native American, flutes and string instruments and nature sounds such as thunder and rain are also considered relaxation fractals. For some people, all sounds are simply irritating and not relaxing.


So, if listening to a particular type or beat of music isn’t for you, try another type of fractal – or you might find that visual fractals are more relaxing. Pay attention to the patterns when you listen or visually enjoy them and how it makes you feel.


As stress in our lives become more pronounced, it’s important that we find methods of relaxation that doesn’t require medication and that we can use during certain stressful moments.


For example, you couldn’t visually become engaged with fractals if you’re stuck in traffic, but you could listen to music with fractal patterns. Try different types and styles of fractals and see which work for you.


Also, research and experiment with other types of relaxation such as meditation and yoga. Everyone is different and the way we relate to methods of relaxation is a trial-and-error experiment.


Scientifically, fractals are just moving out of the mathematic realm and getting the attention of psychologists who are using it for their patients. Move studies are being performed and much is to be learned about fractals as a psychological method of relaxation.


Fractals are another method of relaxation you may want to try if nothing else seems to work. It’s a method that is now being researched as a way to further a person’s relaxation and calming abilities without having to resort to harmful drugs.

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