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Find a Break Room

Find a Break Room

This is not your normal break room like you would find in an office building. These literal break rooms are sometimes called rage rooms and they’re popping up all over. It’s a room designed for people to take out their anger and rages on inanimate objects.


In your own private room, you can smash televisions, old computers, dishes, wine and beer bottles and more with sledge hammers and other objects to relieve tension. If you’ve ever felt the need to smash or throw something, this is the place to do it without getting in trouble or breaking something you’ll later regret.


For a small fee, you can release the anger pent up from being in traffic, a relationship argument, work-related stresses and more. Many people are finding it a great replacement for the more sedate methods of shouting into your pillow or turning up the music in your car to blasting tempos.


Some of these pop-up rage rooms feature parties, where you can plan to have your entire office for a party to take out your rage on objects rather than each other. Office equipment (including desks and chairs) are set up for destruction and you can smash to your heart’s content.


Most rage rooms provide safety goggles for the eyes, gloves and a Hazmet-type covering for your body – or at least long sleeves and pants. You are required to wear close-toed shoes for the excursion.


Rage room owners get their smash items from charities who have too much of one thing such as computers and televisions and old dishes. They either purchase the items or get donations from people who want to simply get rid of them.


Owners of rage rooms are finding that many couples are choosing them for a date night event. It’s an unusual and healthy way to get rid of tension and laugh and have great fodder for conversation.


These days, some of the most popular items include effigies of political figures. Most times, they’re totally destroyed by the end of the evening, so the owners have to keep a supply on hand.


The rage rooms usually have bats and crowbars on hand for smashing the items and a menu of items you can choose to add on to the session and destroy. Sessions begin with a fee for smashing some electronic items and dishes.


You can also choose to add on other articles such as large screen televisions and cellphones for a small fee. Or, bring an item or two of your own such as a picture of your ex or your boss.


It’s amazingly cathartic to get to carry out your anger on inanimate objects by violently breaking them to pieces. Anything that will take the edge off the frustration that builds up in everyday life can be a great stress reliever.


Some rage rooms even video the session for you so you can watch what you did in your state of fury later on. You can even choose background music for your release of anger from hard rock to classical.


Psychologists are varied in whether giving in to your baser angry desires is good for you or not. Some prefer and recommend more gentle techniques like deep breathing or imagery to control rage.


But most people seem to be using the rage rooms for fun and claim that it keeps them from reaching a breaking point in their emotions. Problems are pulverized and they can walk away with a new attitude, leaving the anger behind on the rage room floor.


It’s certainly not for everyone, but it seems to work for others. Rappers and other entertainers often go around smashing items in their videos and it’s caught on with others who seem to get a thrill from watching it.


Whether you’ve been divorced, fired, dumped, cut off in traffic or are just curious about rage rooms, they’re the place many people are finding helpful to de-stress. Many rage rooms have been so successful that they’re branching out into other cities and states.


One surprising fact the owners of these rooms have noticed is that women are their main customers. Past and present etiquette dictate that women should be calm and demure, but that’s not the case when they come to vent their anger.


Women used to beat down bread dough to take out their frustrations. Now, they can visit an anger room and really let the rage flow. It’s not for everyone, but now seems to be the time when taking out anger on inanimate objects is set to take off.


With all the violent crimes being committed in today’s world, it would be great if there were places to go to vent anger rather than being violent with family, friends and others who simply get in your way on the highway.


Now, there are places where you can. You’ll likely find a rage room near you, but if not, be patient. It’s probably coming soon. Breaking things in a violent manner goes back to our primal needs.


But committing violent acts in public or around people you care for can cause problems you don’t need. A rage room can help you neutralize all your frustrations without lashing out at others.

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