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You Have to Actively Pursue the LOA

You Have to Actively Pursue the LOA

From Rhonda Byrne’s bestseller, The Secret, to classics like The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, there are plenty of great books about the Law of Attraction.


You can even find stories of people who put these principles to work in their lives with amazing results. If all you do is read about it, you’ll never know what a difference the Law of Attraction can make for you.


Without a doubt, the stories about how the Law of Attraction turned about situations that seemed impossible are inspiring to read. If you’re new to this age-old concept, you definitely want to read about how to use the power of this force to tap into the abundance of the universe.


You can also find daily calendars or journals with a new Law of Attraction thought to keep you connected and motivated.  Regular reading of the concepts definitely reinforces the ideas in your mind.


The more you read, the more you realize that the Law of Attraction is about action not theory.  It’s designed to be part of your life - not catching dust on your bookshelf.  Attraction is to bring something toward you - that’s movement.


You can only bring your desires toward you when you are willing to actively pursue them. The universe is polite and responds when requested to respond. If you are waiting for good things to drop from the sky, then get comfortable - because you’ll have a long wait.


That’s why so many people feel helpless to reach beyond their current situations - they don’t “reach,” they sit around and complain. To reach for help from the universe is action oriented.


If you’re uncertain, then take it gradually. Start with one goal or dream and actively apply the Law of Attraction to it. Maybe the reason you are reading instead of doing is that you aren’t sure it will work for you as well as it does for other people.


If that’s the case, then you need to test it.  The universe loves a challenge and will show the power to you if you are willing to receive. Even the process of receiving is an action. When someone brings a birthday gift to you, you have to extend your hand to receive the gift.


Then you have to be willing to open the gift and use it. The Law of Attraction is the same way. The abundance of the universe will be there whether or not you are willing to extend yourself to receive it.


And you’ll never know what’s there until you open the gift and begin to use what the Law of Attraction brings into your life.  So, promise yourself that you will test the Law of Attraction by actively following what you read and believing that it’s available to you, too. 


You’ll never know whether this is real or fantasy until you live in the reality of abundance. Then you can write your own story and share it with others.

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