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The Law of Attraction Can Work in Sync with Your Spirituality

The Law of Attraction Can Work in Sync with Your Spirituality

The Law of Attraction scares some religious people. They think of it as looking for a divine Santa Claus or an excuse for wanting more. Those are both wrong impressions. The historical roots of the Law of Attraction are distinctly spiritual.


Early Hindu writings are claimed to be the first written evidence of the Law of Attraction. Since so much is handed down by oral tradition, the actual concept of attraction likely began well before the first written evidence. 


These ideas were used, ignored and rediscovered over and over.  Whether you believe in God or some other name for a Supreme Being, there are forces at work around us that make amazing things possible.


Miracles, signs and wonders are just some of the spiritually-oriented words we use when the impossible becomes possible. Clearly the power exists for miracles and other amazing occurrences.


Since it’s there, we need to ask in order to meet our needs. That’s another Christian concept, as the Bible reminds believers to “ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” 


At the time of asking, seeking and knocking, you don’t have what you need. To ask, seek or knock means that you believe what you need exists and you have claimed your right to ask for and to receive what you need.


Some believers who see God as the source of all things in the universe can apply these approaches to attracting what they need because there is a link to making those requests in the Bible.


Others who believe that the universe contains God and all things will make similar approaches to attract what they need based on the Law of Attraction principles. The essential concepts are similar, with emphasis on positive thinking and rejecting negative thinking.


If you attempt to use the energy of the universe to produce things, yet deny the power of attraction in your heart, then you satisfy neither the universe nor the Supreme Being you claim to profess.


You have to bring together your spiritual beliefs with your expanded understanding about energy and life force within this present reality.  Many people who practice the Law of Attraction are deeply spiritual in all aspects of their life.


If you seek greater spiritual awakening, you can attract that into your life using the same three steps - Ask, Believe, and Receive. In fact, this process is so rightly related to spirituality that you'll wonder what took you so long to use this to energize your spiritual connections!

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