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Positive Affirmations Help You Wield the Power of the LOA

Positive Affirmations Help You Wield the Power of the LOA

Positive affirmations are daily statements that align energy by focusing your thought power in positive directions. Turn your self-talk into support for your beliefs. You are re-writing your internal programming to over-write the negative, harmful thoughts with life-sustaining, forward moving affirmations.


Positive affirmations may start as part of your daily to-do list only to become as vital to you as the air that you breathe. Positive thinkers are not weird Pollyannas who are blind to the real world and its problems.


Positive thinkers are fully aware of the good and the bad around them, yet they make a conscious choice to focus on what is good.  This is more than a choice - it’s protective in mind, body and spirit.


The mind is constantly bombarded by words, images, thoughts, impressions and fearful reactions. As the supercomputer command center, the mind must deal with all of this input and make sense of it.


When the mind is overwhelmed with negative thoughts, the body and spirit are compromised. Medical science has countless studies showing that persistent negativity is harmful to the immune system, nervous system and your overall health.


Negative people are more prone to high blood pressure, heart attacks and immune system disorders. Not only is the body affected, but the spirit is also battered. When the spirit takes on this negativity, there is no comfort in connecting with religion or other sources of spiritual support.


Constant negative input over time pulls you away from your spiritual source since it feels as if even a divine power can’t (or won’t) help you. It’s a slippery slope from constant negativity to major depression, where you believe that you are helpless and hopeless.


The way to avoid that terrible image of living a compromised life is to take on the world from a positive perspective. Psychologists teach a technique called “reframing.” If you have a wonderful painting that begins to look shabby because of the old, splintered frame, then change it.


Place the painting inside a new frame and instantly the picture looks brighter and more valuable.  That’s a metaphor for reframing responses to situations. You cannot control the situation, but you can control your response to it.


Let’s say a coworker makes an error on a team report that you discover and have to stay late to fix. You can replay the scene in your mind, getting madder and more frustrated each time, which raises your blood pressure and makes you prone to making a mistake.


Or - you can say, “I was angry at her - now that’s over and my attention is on the report.”  You can even extend the reframing to say, “She is an unhappy person who doesn’t pay attention to her work, but that doesn’t have to change how I handle my work.” 


You can focus on the negative (her attitude, her mistake, your anger) or you can let it go and reframe your focus to what you want it to be. She can only play on your negativity if you allow her to do so.


Parents and preschool teachers are advised to “catch a child doing the right thing and praise the action.”  You can do the same for yourself. Catch yourself feeling negative - then turning it around.


Remember to praise yourself or give yourself a reward for making the positive choice. What you don’t see is that your mind, body and spirit are cheering you on because you have found the power of positive thinking.


Positive thinking generates power while negative thinking drains power. Which do you want in your life? 

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