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Alternative Health to Prevent or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Alternative Health to Prevent or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Millions of people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The most often prescribed treatment for type 2 diabetes is to lose weight, exercise and eat a healthy diet. This advice is sometimes given along with a prescription for either oral medication or insulin, depending on how high the blood sugar levels were when the diagnosis was made.


Getting a diagnosis like this sends some people into a tailspin and they believe that there’s nothing they can do. They believe this because of the faulty idea that once someone has diabetes, it’s forever - and this isn’t true.


You can prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes, but you can’t do it unless you take action. There are many alternative health solutions that can lead you away from diabetes and toward great health.


You don’t have to end up stuck on medications or being forced to live with diabetes. These solutions can range from things such as following a low carb or other diabetic targeted diet, getting plenty of exercise and getting biofeedback.


One of the solutions known to be effective is found in the form of vitamins and minerals and taking the right ones can prevent diabetes and reverse it as well. When you take vitamins and minerals that are known to help diabetes, they work by bringing down the blood glucose numbers as well as helping your body to be able to use the insulin that is produced.


To be healthy, your body has to have specific vitamins and minerals every day. People with diabetes don’t often get these in enough strength to help the body function in a way that prevents diabetes - which is why taking them in pill form can make a difference.


You should make sure that you’re getting enough Vitamin C. This vitamin works in the body to make the cells more sensitive to insulin. Since diabetes can cause the cells to become insulin resistant, the vitamin works with those cells to make them sensitive to insulin.


Making sure that you get all the B vitamins that your body needs is imperative. Studies show that most diabetics lack enough of these vitamins to support the needs of their body.


When you take the B vitamins, they work to help your body handle glucose. It enables your body to be able to stop letting glucose build up in the bloodstream. On top of that, the vitamins also help to bring down high glucose numbers.


Some people think that all they have to do to get all the vitamins and minerals that they need is to just eat a healthy diet, but that’s not the case. That’s why many diabetics who follow a healthy eating plan still struggle with their glucose level.


If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting chromium. This is a trace mineral that exists in some foods. However, you can’t get enough of it in foods to really make a difference with diabetes.


But this mineral is what works to help the body be able to properly process the carbohydrates that you eat. By working to help process them, it enables the body to retain its insulin sensitivity.


Chromium does react with some medications so make sure that you know if that’s going to happen with anything that you take. If you’re looking to prevent diabetes, you’ll want to make sure you get enough magnesium.


A study showed that taking this mineral lowered the odds of getting type 2 diabetes regardless of the person’s history. In people who were at greater risk due to obesity, magnesium was shown to still be a preventative.


If you want to fight off diabetes, you might want to take alpha-lipoic acid supplements. Not only can this antioxidant fight dementia, and neuropathy but it works to end insulin resistance, which is the beginning stages for developing diabetes.


When you have a diet that consists of foods rich in omega 3 or you take supplements, this can also help prevent or reverse diabetes. Omega 3 fights against insulin resistance - but it also helps with common emotions associated with a diabetes diagnosis.


It’s known to help people who struggle with diabetes associated depression. Using things such as ginseng, basil, cayenne and coenzyme Q10 have also been notable for helping to prevent diabetes.


Other alternative health solutions include staving off diabetes by preventing things known to cause diabetes - such as eliminating food cravings. These solutions are things such as meditation or using techniques like EFT.


Because having to deal with long term stress can make the body raise glucose levels, this can lead to a diabetes diagnosis. You can prevent and reverse a diabetes diagnosis by engaging in biofeedback.


Using this solution helps people learn how to relax and reduce or eliminate the way that stress affects them. Using guided imagery is another alternative health solution to handle diabetes.


By using this technique, users focus on calming images. By using positive over negative to relax and calm the mind and emotions, people can prevent diabetes. Some people choose to use acupuncture as a way of helping to reverse diabetes.


This practice involves inserting long, thin needles into specific areas of the body. The purpose of this practice is to target the body’s energy flow and help the body become balanced again.


The use of aromatherapy with essential oils has been known to prevent and reverse high blood glucose numbers often associated with diabetes. Coriander helps to stimulate insulin production while cinnamon helps to lower blood glucose.


For preventing diabetes, you can look to nature’s harvest. Some fruits have been known to keep the disease at bay. A study conducted by Harvard University researchers showed that blueberries were found to prevent diabetes while cantaloupes raised the risk of getting it.


A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to devastate you. Allow yourself to go through the common emotions associated with the diagnosis, and then take a very proactive approach to putting the brakes on this disease and changing course.

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