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Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects? What to Watch for When You Begin

Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects? What to Watch for When You Begin

Any time you begin a new exercise program that involves taking pills or adding supplements to your diet, you’re naturally curious about side effects.  In many cases, diet supplements have been found to cause major health problems.


However, with the hCG diet, you’ll worry a lot less.  The hormone being added to your routine may mean you feel some changes, but you won’t need to worry about some of the scary side effects you get with diet drugs.


The Danger of Diet Drugs


Before we talk too much about side effects, it’s important to remember that hCG is not a “diet drug”.  Instead, it’s a hormone that occurs naturally in the body.  In the case of the hCG diet we’re harnessing what nature has given to help burn fat.


But with most diet remedies on the market, the same can’t be said.  In fact, many diet medications can be extremely dangerous and end up being pulled by the FDA because of side effects.


Side effects of diet drugs can include:


·           Increased heart rate

·           Increased blood pressure

·           Nervousness

·           Dizziness

·           Cramping

·           Diarrhea

·           Gas

·           Headache

·           Dry mouth

·           Insomnia

·           Constipation

·           Increased risk of heart attack


With all of those problems, it’s no wonder people have concerns when starting a program involving supplements.  However, you can avoid these dangerous side effects by following the hCG diet.


What to Expect with hCG


When it comes to the hCG diet, you’ll be adding either hormone drops or hormone injections to your body.  This hormone may cause you to have some slight noticeable changes, but most of these go away soon after you begin the program.


Some people report experiencing mild headaches and lower back ache.  However, these symptoms begin to disappear as the body gets accustomed to the change in hormonal levels.  Women also sometimes report feeling breast tenderness.  This, too, subsides quickly.


In addition to breast tenderness, a sudden change in hormone balance can also cause some changes in mood swings and sex drive.  However, these tend to be mild and also subside as soon as the hCG supplement is stopped.


Toward the end of the treatment protocol, some people report feeling muscle weakness.  This is due to the loss of fat around the muscles.  The muscles become too long as fat disappears.   As a result, they have to contract harder in order to do the same amount of work.


The good news is that this side effect disappears completely after the hCG treatment cycle is over.  While it can be a strange feeling, it isn’t life threatening and most people find it merely an inconvenience.


When an hCG cycle is close to ending, some patients also report having low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar can make one feel weak and even a bit dizzy.  However, this symptom also goes away when the maintenance phase begins.


If you begin to have problems with low blood sugar, you will need to increase your sugar intake.  This should be monitored by a physician to make sure any adjustments to your diet program are made properly.


Most people who go on the hCG diet report few to no side effects.  And the really good news is that none of the side effects from the hormone are life threatening.  The most important thing to remember is that regaining your good health and an optimal weight outweigh any negatives.


If you begin to experience strange or unusual side effects when you begin the hCG diet, you’ll want to talk to your healthcare provider.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  As you lose weight and begin to pay more attention to your body, you may uncover an underlying health problem you didn’t notice before.


A Short Course


Unlike other diet medications and supplements, the hCG diet is meant to be taken in short courses.  You’ll never take hCG hormone for more than six weeks at a time.  And in between courses you’ll wait for weeks or months.


Your body won’t be exposed to hCG long-term as it would be with diet drugs.  As a result, any side effects are mild and short-lived.  You don’t have to worry about the long-term exposure to stimulants and appetite suppressants that other medications give.


If You’re Still Concerned


In spite of what you’ve read here, you may still have concerns about side effects from the hCG diet.  It’s perfectly understandable that you might have reservations – especially if you’ve tried diet medications in the past.


The best way to put your mind at ease is to find out as much as you can.  Make an appointment to speak with your healthcare provider about the plan and how it might affect your body.  Talk to other people who have gone on the hCG diet. 


Make sure to ask the questions for which you really want answers.  Find out first-hand what it’s like for someone beginning this weight loss journey.  You are the best one to make a decision about what is right for you, and getting the most information you can is vital.


Making a Decision


Once you’ve asked all of your questions, gotten the okay from your doctor, and decided that this plan is within your means, it’s time to make a decision about moving forward.  It’s time to get real about yourself and what’s most important to you.


If you’re looking for a plan that will allow you to achieve permanent weight loss without having to be on a diet forever, the hCG diet offers hope and help.  This is a plan that you can follow short-term to get long-term results.


Losing weight is a personal decision.  It’s often as much about health as it is about fitting into new clothes.  If you want to be able to move more easily, have a longer life, and feel the freedom of being able to run, jump, and take on the world, this plan can take you there.


The hCG diet’s benefits far outweigh any of the mild side effects that you may experience while following the program.  Instead, you’ll experience the positive side effects of good health and boundless energy.


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