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Beyond the Scale: The Health Benefits of Taking Off the Extra Pounds

Beyond the Scale: The Health Benefits of Taking Off the Extra Pounds

Many people choose to lose weight because they don’t like their size or they wish to wear different clothing.  But for many people, the benefits of weight loss have much more important consequences.


There are many health benefits to losing weight.  The hCG diet is the perfect way to melt away the excess pounds and improve your health.  In this chapter you’ll learn about how losing weight can help to secure a healthier future for you and for your family.




Many people who are overweight describe themselves as being tired.  They often think that there’s something wrong with them beyond just being overweight.  But the truth is having excess weight can make you feel very tired and fatigued.


By following the hCG diet, you’ll be able to shed excess pounds.  And with every pound that comes off, you’ll feel a little boost of energy.  If you’re looking for a way to have more energy to advance your career, play with your children (or grandchildren), or enjoy the social life you once had, this is the plan that will help you to do that.


It’s simple, but increasing the energy you have will enhance your life in many ways.  You’ll feel like exercising more – and that has a whole set of health benefits in addition to weight loss.  You’ll also feel like you can face whatever challenge comes your way.


Freedom from Joint Pain


Another common complaint of people who have weight to lose is pain.  You may have a sore back, aching feet, creaking knees, or all of the above.  When your joints are under too much stress from weight, they tend to become damaged and in pain.


The good news is that when you take off the weight, you ease the pain of your joints.  In fact many people who once thought they would be in chronic pain the rest of their lives find themselves pain free.


Even just a small weight loss – about 10% of your total body weight – can make huge changes in the way you feel.  If you’re tired of being in pain, the hCG diet can help to take your pain away and keep it away for good.


You’ll also save money by not having to buy over the counter or prescription pain killers to ease your daily aches.  It will make moving and exercising easier and you’ll be able to participate in activities you have missed.


Lower Risk of Heart Disease


One of the greatest risk factors for heart disease is obesity.  When you remove excess fat from your body, you take stress off of your heart.  That immediately begins to reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attack.


You’ll also find that losing weight can help to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.  These are major indicators of the health of your heart.  With the hCG diet, you’ll burn fat and calories and help to keep your heart in good repair.   You’ll also have more energy to exercise and keep your heart in shape.




While looking good isn’t the most important thing in life, it can certainly help you to feel better about yourself.  You’ll also feel good knowing you can set a goal and accomplish it.  All in all, this will enhance your self-esteem. 


When your self-esteem is improved, you’ll find that you succeed in other areas of your life.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting that promotion you’ve always wanted, starting to date someone special, or start a new hobby that’s always held your interest.


It’s not that losing weight has made you a better person; it’s that the weight loss has helped to improve your confidence.  When you have more confidence, you’re able to accomplish a great many things.


Reduced Risk of Cancer


A direct correlation has been found between cancer and obesity.  When you lose weight, you can help to fight the genetic predisposition you may have for certain cancers.  While weight loss isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get cancer, it certainly can help prevent it.


With the hCG diet you can move from being obese or overweight to being the weight that’s healthy for you.  You’ll help to prevent cancers such as colon cancer that has been found to be strongly linked to weight.




Many women experience problems with fertility.  While there can be many reasons for this, weight has been found to be linked to fertility troubles.  Women who lose as little as ten percent of their body weight can experience improved fertility.


While you don’t want to participate in the hCG diet while actively trying to get pregnant, you can use it to lose weight in preparation for trying to have a baby.  There’s no greater reward for your weight loss efforts than being able to add to your family.


Decreased Diabetes


Type II diabetes is directly linked to obesity.  People who are very overweight can have problems with insulin production and end up having to test their blood sugar and take medications to control the problem.


Another way to prevent and control diabetes is through weight loss.  If you’re prediabetic, following the hCG diet can keep you from ever becoming diabetic.  It can help you to control your weight and prevent the disease.


If you are currently diabetic, you need to talk to your physician before beginning the hCG diet.  With his or her approval, however, you may be able to participate in this plan to lose weight.  You may find that after losing weight – even before you reach your goal – you may no longer have to depend on diabetes medications.


Better Sleep


Losing weight can also help you to get a better night’s sleep. Many people who are very overweight have trouble getting comfortable at night to fall asleep.  People also experience problems such as sleep apnea that can be related to weight.


When you follow the hCG diet you can lose weight and get a good night’s sleep.  You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you’re getting the rest you need and deserve.  It’s hard to believe how much losing weight can improve your sleep.


More Mobility


Many people who are overweight have a hard time exercising.  It could be because of pain or because exercising puts a strain on the heart.  But when you begin to lose weight – even a little – you’ll be able to move much better.


Mobility helps you to perform your daily activities better and to feel like you can take on the world.  It will be easier to go grocery shopping, take your kids to the park, and keep your house clean.


It’s easy to take those things for granted, but as you feel your mobility improve with your weight loss, you’ll begin to see what you were missing before.  The hCG diet can help you to get your mobility back and to keep it.


Taking the First Step Toward a Better Life


When you follow the hCG diet, you’ll find that you’re able to have the life you’ve always wanted – beyond just the way you look.  The hCG diet can help you:


·           Lose weight

·           Gain self confidence

·           Maintain a healthy weight long term

·           Create and reach goals

·           Reduce your risk of illness

·           Reduce your aches and pains

·           Feel better about yourself once and for all


Proven Science for a Better Future


The hCG diet is proven scientifically.  Since it was developed 50 years ago, millions of people just like you have lost weight and kept it off simply and safely.  This method uses hormones that are naturally occurring in your body to boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat.


You won’t lose muscle mass, healthy fat, or feel deprived.  While you’re only eating 500 calories, you won’t physically feel hunger.  Any hunger you have is probably psychological and a result of the habit of overeating.


Once you’ve lost weight with the hCG diet, you will understand how effective, simple, and long-lasting it can be.  When you follow the program precisely, you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted, but haven’t been able to achieve before.


Whether you have five pounds or 105 pounds to lose, you’ll find that the hCG diet will work for you.  When you follow the simple steps of adding hCG to your body, lowering your caloric intake for 3-6 weeks, and slowly adding sugars and starches back to your diet you’ll achieve incredible results.


So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to change your life!  Begin with talking to your doctor to make sure you’re healthy and able to start a diet program.  Then start stocking up on supplies and preparing to shed the excess pounds.


You don’t want to look back on your life and wonder why you never took the time to lose the weight that’s causing you to feel fatigued, in pain, and put you at risk for disease.  You want to look back and remember every vital moment you spend feeling full of energy and living your dreams.

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