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50 Success Mindset Tips

Success can depend on many factors. One of those is your mindset. How you think, your behavior and your beliefs can all affect how you succeed. A success mindset begins with positive thinking. Here are 50 success tips for developing a success mindset.

1.    Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

2.    Eliminate negative thoughts as soon as you recognize you are having them.

3.    Keep a gratitude journal and practice gratitude every day. Be grateful for what you have.

4.    Build confidence by taking action on your goals even when you are terrified.

5.    Clearly define what success means to you. Then take action on achieving that success.

60 Positive Thinking Tips

1.    Thoughts are not static. They gather momentum like a snowball on a hill. Positive thoughts blossom - negative thoughts flatten.

2.    Negative thoughts can quickly become catastrophic. Learn to "re-frame" them into more positive, realistic thoughts.

3.    Find ways to turn even negatives into positives. (E.G. "If you stumble, make it part of the dance" -

4.    Use music to help shift thoughts from negative to positive. Make a playlist of tunes or songs you find energizing or inspiring.

5.    Don't feed negativity by hanging with negative people or listening to negative music. Raise your energy by using positive stimuli.

Goal Setting Brainstorming Sheet

Creating successful goals requires time and thought before you even begin to act on them. Use this brainstorming worksheet to help you along the path.

This is what I want in every key area of my life. _________________________________________________________________________

This is a health, personal, financial or spiritual goal. ________________________________

I have visualized what I really want.  This is what it looks like. _________________________________________________________________________

Goal Setting Checklist

So you're ready to go for what you want. You want to create your goals. Use this handy checklist to make sure each step is taken care of.

Before You Begin

     Think about what your big goal is. Is it something you have always dreamed of doing or is it from peer pressure?

     Is this something I need a formal goal for? Do I need to write it down and break into easy to follow steps?

     Am I passionate about it? Do I have a passion for it? What is my "WHY"? 

50 Tips on Focus and Productivity

1.    "Without great solitude no serious work is possible." - Pablo Picasso

2.    Know when to delegate; know what you do well and what you don't to help you stay focused and be more productive.

3.    Chew a stick of gum to help you stick to a task and become faster and more accurate doing it.

4.    Don't multitask by switching between one project and another. Multitasking can reduce productivity.

5.    Write down your distracting thoughts on your "someday list" so you can forget them.

60 Simple Strategies to Increase your Productivity

1.    Creating a universal system and protocols and making sure your team knows these can help increase productivity 100%.

2.    If you want to increase productivity in your team, establish a performance goal that inspires people to take action.

3.    One habit that many highly productive people confess to is getting up earlier than others.  How could you use an extra hour or two?

4.    Find the right tools to help you achieve your daily goals. Finding ways to simplify tasks will boost productivity and increase mindset.

5.    It's not enough to plan to reach a goal: For maximum productivity, plan how you can maintain success once you reach it.

30 Tips On Standing Out In Your Niche

1.    Copying others will always make you one of a crowd; to stand out in your niche, you have to find something original to say.

2.    Find a mentor or a coach. They will help you see things about yourself you take for granted, and push you to the next level.

3.    When you think you've got the formula right for pleasing your subscribers, always kick it up a notch with a better formula.

4.    If you want to stand out in your niche, never play it "safe" - be focused on your ideal subscriber - but be yourself.

5.    If people love you or hate you, you're standing out in your niche. If they forget who you are, you're one of a herd.

30 Time Management Tips

1.    What one thing could you do today to make time for time management?

2.    Managing your time means knowing your boundaries, insisting others respect them - and respecting them yourself.

3.    Remember that ten minutes saved every day is over an hour of freed-up time per week.

4.    What could you do with an hour of extra time? Nap, read, sleep, brainstorm, give yourself a pedicure, network or…

5.    Good time management consists of good habits. What one habit has consistently saved you valuable time?

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