3 Ways To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program

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A simple look at the numbers explains why coaching has become a popular option of so many online entrepreneurs…

  • It takes 50 customers buying a $20 ebook to earn $1,000.

  • It takes only 1 customer buying a $1,000 coaching program.

You can make a lot more money with a lot less effort by simply offering something with a greater price tag … in this case, your own coaching program.  It just takes fewer transactions to reach a significant profit level.

And, when you factor in the fact that many customers WANT to spend more money for something limited in nature, for something that provides a level of access, it because paramount that you offer it.

Years ago I heard a speaker (sorry, can't remember who it was) talk about high-dollar coffee grinders sold at Starbucks®.  His point was clear:  while not everyone buys the grinders, when one is sold it significantly increases profit.  You gotta sell a lot of cappuccinos and lattes to equal the same profit from a grinder.

Most people's big "reluctance" to take on a personal coaching program comes from their thinking that it would take up too much of their time.  But, this does not have to be the case, as you will see.

So, let's go ahead and look at the 3 ways you could start your own profitable coaching program.

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