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10 Social Media Marketing Articles

Advice To Help You Meet Your Social Media Marketing Goals

The cost of most advertising plans is usually their biggest problem, but social media marketing has become the fix to all that worry. There are no costs required to create and supply captivating media on social-networking sites and this means anyone can take advantage of the opportunity. The focus shifts to quality over quantity, but with the help from this article, you can learn to supply both.

Get More Customers With Social Media Marketing

Never before has it been this easy or cheap to get your company's name to your targeted audience. Not only has social media marketing found a great way for new companies to reach their potential customers, but it has found a way to do it that is entertaining. There is no confusion why it is becoming the most powerful and desired marketing plan available. The tips offered here will assist you in using social media to the best of your abilities.

Tips For Running A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

The internet has become a primary source of advertisement for many people. It offers low-cost and sometimes free methods to promote products and services for businesses. There are many different ways to advertise through the internet, and one of them involves the use of social media The following article contains information on social media marketing and how to use it.

7 More Social Media Marketing Articles

  1. Getting Friendly With Your Clients Making Social Media Work For You

  2. Getting The Most From Social Media Marketing

  3. How Social Media Marketing Can Make You Money

  4. Market Your Business With Social Media To Reach More Customers

  5. Reach More People With Social Media Marketing

  6. Tips For Catching The Social Media Wave

  7. Tips To Make Social Media Marketing Easier

25 Facebook Marketing Articles

How to Get Started on Facebook

Whether you are interested in promoting your business through social networking or just want to catch up with friends, it can be intimidating if you aren't sure how it works. Facebook is a good place to start for social networking. To start using this popular networking site, here are some ideas that tips that can help you take the first steps to getting on the networking scene.

Making Money on Facebook - Tips for Beginners

While money-making scams abound on the internet, Facebook does offer legitimate ways to make money. It is a learning process, and no one says it will be an easy road! But that is what differentiates Facebook from a scam - scams are too easy; they promise much for very little. If you want to make money on Facebook, you'll need to invest some time and probably some money.

Networking on Facebook to Boost Your Business

What exactly is "networking" and how can it help your business? Networking, in short, is connecting with friends, family, and potential clients. On Facebook, that is done electronically online, and the potential to network with a large number of people quickly has never been greater. You can tap into this networking potential to boost your business on Facebook, and here are some tips and ideas for doing that.

7 More Facebook Marketing Articles

  1. Advertising on Facebook

  2. Tips on Creating an Effective Facebook Profile

  3. Tips for the Beginner on Facebook

  4. Facebook for the Small Business Owner

  5. Making Facebook Work for You

  6. Marketing Strategies Through Facebook

  7. Promoting Your Business on Facebook

10 Twitter Marketing Articles

Getting Started with Twitter

The Twitter revolution is upon us. But some people may avoid it because they are unsure how it works, or perhaps they think it is just a fad among young people. But Twitter has become far more than a fad, and is "the latest" in communication. You can use Twitter professionally or personally.Here are some tips on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.

Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

Twitter users are growing by leaps and bounds, and it can be a great way to promote your business. Some may think of Twitter as a big time waster, but anything that truly grows your business is not a waste of time. So here are some tips on how you can use Twitter to grow your business. But first, let's look at why Twitter can be a boost to your business.

Top Tips for Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter is a really great way to socialize and keep in touch, but it can be more than that. You can use Twitter as a tool for various things, from business to advertising. It provides a personal link with your customers and clients that may be lacking in the usual online business relationship. Here are some tips for using Twitter effectively.

7 More Twitter Marketing Articles

  1. Twitter - an Explanation

  2. How to Develop an Effective Twitter Profile

  3. Marketing Strategies Using Twitter

  4. Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

  5. Advertising with Twitter - How It Works

  6. Twitter - Not Just for Socializing

  7. Tricks and Tips for Effective Twittering

10 Mobile Marketing Articles

A How-To Guide For Mobile Marketing

Consumers seem to be flocking to mobile devices so that they can have access to a number of options throughout their day. When your business utilizes mobile marketing, you are effectively turning the consumers mobile device into an all access pass into their world. Capturing the consumer at times they would otherwise not be available is the beauty of mobile marketing.

How To Create Your Own Mobile Marketing Plan

It is, normally, pretty difficult to find a target audience that is as focused and easy to cater to than mobile marketing. People are on smart phones all day long and what better way to get your message out, than to the device that they hold closest to themselves each day. Check out some of the best tips in this article.

Mobile Marketing At Its Best - How You Do It

Every where you go, you can see someone using their cell phone. Many times they are not using it to talk, but to search the Internet, download an application or use a social networking site. Why not use that knowledge to grow your business? Here are some mobile marketing tips that are sure to get you going.

7 More Mobile Marketing Articles

  1. How Can A Mobile Marketing Strategy Benefit Your Business

  2. How To Launch A Mobile Marketing Campaign

  3. How To Use Mobile Marketing To Your Advantage

  4. Maximize Your Marketing Dollars With Great Mobile Marketing

  5. Tips For Running Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns

  6. Using Social Media Chatter In Your Mobile Marketing

  7. Ways To Better Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Results

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Cliffs Notes for Social Media

Remember Cliffs Notes? They're summaries of longer work, designed to get a student up to speed quickly without having to read the entire book. Sort of a cheat, you might say, but a very effective cheat at that.


There are volumes written about how to succeed dramatically and radically with social media. And then there's my own version of Social Media Notes, designed to help you become a social media savant in no time.


Ready? Here are the commandments to follow, the mistakes to avoid and the creative methods of engaging others that produce real results. Remember, these are short but exceedingly powerful. Ignoring any one of them may be perilous to your bottom line.

How PERISCOPE Can Benefit Your Business

Periscope is a live streaming iOS android app owned by Twitter. It enables the broadcasting of free videos creating a cost effective, fast and reliable channel through which a business can communicate with its customers in real time.


Is your business in search of an efficient marketing, advertising and communication        tool that keeps you in touch with you customer? Then periscope is a viable business solution for you.


Periscope was launched in March 2015 and in close to a year it has superseded the popularity of other live streaming apps. Social media experts recommend the use of periscope as a viable business solution particularly for small and medium sized enterprises.

How LinkedIn Can Help Small Businesses

Your phone and/or tablet probably have an application dedicated to Facebook or twitter and you have probably never thought of downloading LinkedIn.


Turn to your left and ask Tom and Dick if they have LinkedIn on their phones and their situations will be similar to yours. Harry is probably off somewhere playing Angry Birds as you read this.


These guys do not realize that LinkedIn can provide the best opportunities for business owners and is the most professional social platform that small businesses can use because it connects professionals with like-minded people.

Tips For Marketing Your Business On Facebook

For every big success story I hear about marketing on Facebook, I also hear several stories of, 'Oh, I tried that, but it didn't go anywhere so I gave up.” So does marketing on Facebook work? Without a doubt it does – Facebook is the most visited website in the world, and getting seen can mean a significant boost to your list building and your sales.


But the key is to have a game plan for how you're going to build, brand and market yourself on Facebook. With that in mind, I've put together this list of tips to get you moving in the right direction.

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Outreach

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you already know how huge Facebook is. They claim to have over 1 billion daily active users, and many of those people spend close to an hour a day using the site, on average.


The biggest problem with Facebook in recent years is that their organic reach—the people you can reach without spending money—has declined to nearly zero. Even if you have a fan page with thousands of fans, you still have to pay to reach your own fans. Crazy, right?


It’s not all that crazy if you think about it. Most people are fans of dozens, if not hundreds of pages on Facebook. If all those pages shared several articles per day, most of the posts would just get lost, anyway. There’s just too much content being posted.


So, Facebook has implemented some changes that make it so that only a small fraction of a page’s users ever see each post...

Google Plus Money Making Tactics

How to Uncover A Profitable Market and Keywords


To start creating your Google Cash Site the very first thing you will need to do is to choose a market or niche to target and then we will need to find a keyword that can be monetized and most importantly profit from.


Our Google Cash Site will be based around a single long tailed keyword. By long tailed keyword I mean a phrase that someone would type into the Google search engine that contains at least 3 or more words and no less.


The main reason our site is going to rank on the 1st page of Google for that search term is because our well written website will be laser targeted around that keyword.


And remember with the coming methods you will know exactly how many people are searching for that exact keyword.

Social Network Marketing Secrets

No matter what you sell on the Internet today – whether it is eBooks, products you have to mail out for services that you provide yourself – you need to find customers.


That much is certain, but the more creative you are at finding those customers (especially when those methods don’t involve spending any money) the more successful you are likely to be.


And that’s why it is in your best interests to become familiar with social networking sites.  Not to tell people all about what you do in your spare time, or to share the intimate details of your life with, but to use as a method to gain more business.


Yes, there are thousands of customers to be found on these sites.  Despite the fact that they are intended for social purposes, they can be used for business purposes too.  You just need to know how to do it.

The Benefits of Facebook Live For Small Business

Over the recent past, the world has immensely advanced with lots of hi-tech technological apparatus taking the mainstream by storm. Facebook is arguably the biggest social connection site with active users in an excess of a billion according to the recent stats.


A couple of months ago, this social media giant released a cutting-edge technological marvel that allows the high and mighty to broadcast themselves via a live streaming tool.


As expected, the world went into a frenzy with critics and pundits airing their optimism in diverse plat-forms. Of course, Facebook Live will offer tons of benefits, revolutionizing how firms and brands present their commodities and interact with their respective clients.


According to The Washington Post, since the total number of Facebook users equals the Chinese population, you can imagine how vast using this feature will advantage your business.

Working the Media

How do get you the media to come you?


How do you get them to recognize you as a news source – someone they can call when they need your expertise on their story?


You want to appear as the authority in your field and a good source of continuing news content for them. For example, if you're teaching fitness online and there's a new study that says doing naked jumping jacks burns twice as many calories as doing them with your clothes on, you want the media to contact you for a quote or to answer a few questions.


And wouldn't it be nice if each time you launch a new fitness course, you could get interviews in newspapers, in magazines, on the radio and even on television? Like a snowball rolling downhill - gathering speed and quickly growing in size - once you do get interviews you can leverage those into more credibility with your current and future customers. The more publicity you get, the more you will get. As you become recognized as an authority...

Grow Your Facebook Audience

In this report I'm going to show you how to get more likes to your Facebook fanpages, get more shares, optimize your ads, increase your engagement, and grow your fan base, and even monetize your fanpages.


I won't waste your time with a bunch of fluff.  Nor will I make this an A-Z comprehensive course on all things Facebook or internet marketing.  I'm just going to show you the quickest way I've learned to start and optimize your Facebook campaigns to grow your fan base quickly.  I'm going to show you how to legally steal, uh acquire, fans for your fanpages.


Also, this not about buying Facebook likes from fake accounts, or buying spammy fiverr comments.  I've tried some of that in that past, and I don't recommend it; and besides, you won't get good results doing that now, and may just get your fanpage or account shut down by Facebook.  I'm only going to show you real organic methods which are Facebook approved, and work today.  And should work long into the future, because these techniques are not loopholes or ways to trick Facebook...

Start and Grow Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is growing in popularity every day. People love to take photos and upload them to share with the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you can put this social media site to use and make some money with it? The best thing is, you can and Instagram is easy to use as an online business to make a decent income. So you want to know how to start this business? Well it is very easy and I will show you how!

Reasons to Choose Instagram for your Business

First, you want to know why this is a great business idea. Let’s look at the facts. There are over 400 million active monthly users. It is really easy to find people who are interested in your specific niche and to present them with material that will catch their eye on the spot! Remember, you have a very short amount of time to attract a potential customer, so this is key when deciding what types of pictures or video to use on your account.

Using Social Media To Build A List

Social networks have made building and widening your social contacts extremely easy. In the past, you might have had to attend numerous functions and paying for gas, food, and clothing just to show up and hand out a few business cards that later got tossed. With online social networking, the costs of networking are zero, but the rewards are immeasurable. Creating a list of social contacts online can lead to opportunities worldwide, something that local networking could never do for you.



Instead of trying to push people into getting acquainted with you or your company, wouldn't it be great if you could get up each morning and find seven to ten new people wanting to befriend or follow you? This is completely doable with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once you establish a profile and a following, just your everyday activities online can draw people to you without you having to go out and find them. Even if you do choose to find people first, it's still far easier to connect with them online and far less intrusive...

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