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Published Author Reports

Learn How to Become a Published Author in 30 Days or Less!

Have a great story but don't know how to get it out?

Publishing a Kindle eBook can grow your business in exciting, new ways. Some marketers and digital business owners use eBooks to grow their platforms and develop a fan base.

You can publish eBooks to create an additional source of passive income in your business, too.
You can use eBooks to boost your credibility, making it easy for you to become a sought-after speaker or well-paid consultant.

You might think that writing and publishing an eBook is a difficult process but it's not. In fact, the journey to becoming a published author can be fun and enjoyable if you know what to do.

Here's some of what you'll learn from these tutorials:


  •   How to identify your book goals and what topics are in demand

  •   How to outline your content

  •   Where to look for inspiration

  •   7 methods for getting your draft written quickly

  •   The three stages of editing & which tools you can use to help with this

  •   Where to find beta readers

  •   The exact steps you need to take to publish your new book

This content does not come with rights. It is for your personal use, so you can get a feel for the type of information we provide, and also hopefully learn something new and interesting each time you visit our site. All the reports shown below are offered in PDF format. Simply click on the image covers to view them online or right click to download them to your computer. Enjoy!

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