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Fruit and Vegetable Illustrations

Fruit and Vegetable Illustrations

Fruit and Vegetable Illustrations - PowerPoint, Slide and PDF Presentations


If you operate a business in the ever popular and ever-green culinary niche, or you are simply interested in some captivating and impactful fruit and vegetable themed illustrations, you can’t go wrong with this premium collection of royalty free images.


Here’s what you will get:


  • The complete image collection in PowerPoint and .JPG format (28 slides, 82 illustrations)
  • All of the sketches displayed within the presentation, packed up and ready for you to sell
  • Private label rights to all of the pictorial content within the collection
  • A PDF viral sales presentation that will help you to share and show the pictorial content
  • The unique ability to instantly profit off of this graphics bundle on social media within minutes.


You can preview some of the content in this exclusive Fruit and Vegetable Illustrations Presentation by clicking on the thumbnails above. Or, you can view the complete PDF presentation.

  • Once you purchase...

    You will INSTANTLY receive a zipped file containing all your products and content. No confusion, no delay. If you need an unzipping utility you can download Winzip for free at

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