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Your 20 Week Plan to Be More Successful

Your 20 Week Plan to Be More Successful

My hope is that you feel invigorated and inspired. Take these principles to heart, because they are truly what sets very successful people apart from those who are much less successful.

I’ve found that people tend to do well with very short, easy to digest lists. So, that’s what I’ll leave you with. It’s one thing to read information and it’s quite another to really take it to heart and implement it in your business. You’ve read the detailed information I’ve given you. Now, take each of the principles below. Focus on one of them every week. Over the course of several weeks, you’ll have a new mindset and you’ll be well on your way to incredible levels of success.

Now just one warning… each weekly item can be read quickly and you can say to yourself “sure I’ll do that” and then you move on to the next and the next.

It’s OK to read them all once, now, but really take it week by week. Focus on one item each week. Get the principle ingrained into your soul. Make it become a habit, make it become “you”. Print out the item for the week or better yet, write it out in longhand, and put it beside your computer keyboard or somewhere else in sight, so that you see it constantly for the week. Again, allow the suggestion to become “you”.

Really, do this, and let me know how it works out when the 20 weeks are done.

Week 1: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Many people hold themselves back because they’re terrified of making mistakes. They stay in a very safe zone, doing things they know have a very small chance of failing. You have to pay attention to whether that “safe zone” is doing anything for you. Are you as successful as you want to be right now? Do you have as much power in your business as you want to have? You don’t— which is why that safe zone isn’t doing you any favors.

You have to be okay with making mistakes. Develop a solid plan for your business and take a leap of faith. Some things won’t work out for you and other things will. But you can’t grow if you don’t try new things. The most successful marketers know they will make mistakes— they even look forward to it. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow every time.

Even if what you try fails more than it succeeds, remember that you stop doing the failing things quickly, but the successes can continue indefinitely. One successful venture could indeed change your life.

Week 2: Be passionate about your business

Do you look forward to working every day? If you don’t, there might be a disconnect. That’s not to say that business is always fun and games. There will be tasks you don’t particularly love doing. But overall, you should feel passion and joy in your business.

You have to find something that’s in line with your values and desires. I’m not telling you to drop everything and try to make money with a hobby or with the thing you love most— there might not be any money in that at all. But you need to be excited about your business plan and goals. If you’re not, it’s time to make some adjustments, or at least to sit back and think about things.

Week 3: Work hard and play hard

You’re going to burn yourself out if you try to work nonstop. The most successful people know that they have to work hard and play hard. Structure your workday in a way that helps you get more done in a shorter amount of time. If you do it right, you can accomplish more in 3 hours than most people accomplish in a day.

Reward yourself for a job well done. You’re going to burn out and come to hate your business if you never have anything to look forward to. Giving yourself time to play and take your mind off business will also allow you to be much more creative. Make sure you structure this time rather than fall prey to distractions during work. You can get through a few hours of work if you know you can goof off watching TV or playing golf afterwards, or spending time with the family, right?

Week 4: Stand on the shoulders of giants

So many people have come before you. They’ve made a ton of mistakes and have figured out what the best strategies are. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Find people you can look up to— people in a similar line of business who’ve reached a level of success you hope to reach.

Sign up for their newsletters (and unsubscribe from newsletters that aren’t in line with what you want). Buy their products and courses. Go to seminars that they go to if it’s possible. Network with them and get to know them. You can learn from people like this and you can strike a deal to partner with them. You can get where you are a lot more quickly if you rub elbows with those who’ve already achieved success.

Week 5: Plan ahead

The mantra “failing to plan is planning to fail” might be said all the time, but it’s said for a reason. You can’t expect to be successful if you don’t know what you’re doing and where you’re going.

You need to have a clear idea of what you’re doing in your business now and in the future. Plan ahead for the years, months, and days to come. Every night, make a to-do list for the next day so you can just get to work. You can’t start your days wondering what you’re going to do— it’s a huge waste of time.

And many (including me) find that having a clear plan of what we want to accomplish the next day helps us sleep better, which is a nice side benefit.

You’ve heard this advice before. Now it’s time to take it seriously.

Week 6: Get back on the horse if you fall off

Again, you’re going to make mistakes in business. Don’t view those mistakes as the downfall of your business, even if the consequences are dire on the surface. The most successful people in business can recreate their success no matter what happens. They’ll never be poor and unsuccessful because they have the smarts to make it happen.

You have to have that mindset. For everything that goes wrong, look at it as an opportunity for growth.

Week 7: Open your mind to new ideas

You can’t feel like you know everything there is to know about business. Always open your mind to new ideas. We are so limited by our own perceptions and experiences. Have a process, but remain open to adjusting that process.

Eventually, you’ll tweak your business and strategies to the point where you can confidently incorporate new and better ideas until it’s a well-oiled, yet constantly changing, machine of success.

Week 8: Feel like you deserve your success

It’s sad to say, but a huge number of people don’t feel they deserve success at all or they believe they only deserve a minimal amount of success. You do deserve success. You deserve to achieve your dreams and more.

You have to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You have to get rid of a scarcity mindset. Money and success is out there for the taking. There’s nothing that makes successful people better or smarter than you. We all have 24 hours in a day, so vow to make yours count.

Another thing to keep in mind is a realization that success is not a “zero sum” game. In other words, if you become successful, it doesn’t mean that someone else has to fail. Quite the opposite in fact, your success can become a beacon of hope for others that are watching you, using you as a mentor (even if you don’t realize they are), and your eventual success might even be giving employment and income to others.

Just a tiny example. When I release a product that does well, it not only makes me money, but it also hopefully benefits my customers, and it also brings income to my affiliates.

Week 9: Build your brand

You have to know what your brand is if you want to build it. You want to become a well-known authority in your niche. You want to be the first person somebody thinks of when they think of your area of interest. You have to let yourself be seen.

Are there offline events you can run or take part in? Be seen on your website, through social media, and on niche forums. Be present wherever other marketers and customers are.

Also, make sure your brand is consistent. What do you want to be known for? What sets you apart from others? Convey that with everything you do.

Week 10: Pay attention to details

Successful people tend to be detail oriented. They know what works and what doesn’t work. They have a plan for everything— do you? Create systems and efficient plans for everything you do in business.

Week 11: Never stop learning

Read books, blogs, journals, research, articles, newsletters, and everything you can get your hands on. You want to be a thought leader in your niche. That means paying close attention to the latest news and information. Don’t assume you know everything there is to know. I don’t care if you’ve been in business for 60 years; there is always room to learn more. There’s no quicker death to success than being stubborn and refusing to expand your knowledge.

Week 12: Be confident

You have to exude confidence in everything you do. You have to believe that you’re the very best at what you do. This will become easier the more successful you become. You can’t hesitate and put yourself down because someone’s been doing it longer and earns more than you. There’s something special and different about you, no matter which line of business you’re in.

Week 13: Work with others

You don’t have to be a lone wolf. You can earn so much more and become so much more visible if you connect with others. You’ll gain the benefit of their experience and their reach in the market. You can accomplish so much more when you partner up on certain tasks. Don’t look at everyone as the competition, because you’ll be selling yourself short.

You should also be investing in your business. Can you hire someone to help you accomplish more? Is there a particular task that’s holding you back? Hire people to free up time for yourself and to get more done. The most successful people understand what it means to invest to succeed even more.

Week 14: Banish the victim mindset

There will always be things out of your control. You might feel sick or have bad things happen in your home life, but you have to keep going. Yes, keep yourself happy and healthy, but don’t let anything stand in your way.

You’re not a victim, and it’s time to let go of the excuses. Treat yourself well, but also stay determined to keep on going no matter what happens.

Week 15: Create your own action steps

You should have action steps for everything you do. It’s so important to create systems in your business. If you have a large, daunting project, break it down into simple steps so you can easily get it done. Don’t let anything intimidate you in business because it’s always possible to power through it if you break things down into small steps. Nothing is too big or too scary for you to handle. This mindset will instantly boost your productivity.

Week 16: Commit yourself to success no matter what it takes

There are going to be ups and downs in your business. Some days you will wake up feeling pumped and ready to handle the world. Nothing will get you down— you’ll feel unstoppable.

There will be other days where you feel like it’s impossible. That’s when you have to break everything down into tiny steps. Can you work for 5 minutes? Can you work for 10 minutes? Promise yourself that much— you’ll soon find yourself going for much longer than that.

Keep going with the day to day, no matter what. Take baby steps toward larger successes and you’ll reach them before you know it. You have to make every day count.

Week 17: Don’t just dream about it; make it happen

Many marketers are dreamers. They dream about what will happen if they ever become successful. That’s not you anymore. Instead of dreams, you’re going to have a vision. You’re going to feel and live the success in your vision so it becomes inevitable that you succeed.

Week 18: Think big

You won’t achieve the level of success you want to achieve if you don’t think big. Are you just hoping to earn $2000 in your business every month? Dream bigger— you want to earn $10,000 per month in your business.

Do you want to create a product that sells at least 10 copies? Dream bigger— you want to create a product that sells 100 copies, then one that sells 1,000 copies.

Keep your dreams big and create realistic daily steps that will inevitably get you there. I promise that method will turn you into a success.

Week 19: Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want

Do you spend most of your time in fear or most of your time in excitement? Are you scared that you won’t make the mortgage payment each month? Do you worry that your new product won’t sell any copies? That’s the wrong attitude.

Focus on the feeling of peace you get when you envision yourself paying the mortgage with plenty left over. Focus on the feeling you get when you release a product, knowing that it’s going to change your lives and other people’s lives for the better.

Week 20: Make your own list

Don’t stop here— make your own list. What are some takeaways you got from this book? What do you notice about the people who’ve achieved the level of success you want to achieve? Focus on something new every week so you can adopt new habits of success. This will change your mindset and help you accomplish amazing things in your business.

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