Why Affiliates Fail

You’ve probably heard about people who get started in affiliate marketing expecting easy money and end up making little to nothing.

Maybe you’re one of those people.

If so, don’t feel bad.

It happens to the vast majority of people!

So what exactly causes so many people to fail catastrophically at affiliate marketing?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons for it.

The most common is simply giving up far too easily.

People may try for a day or two, maybe a few weeks, and then they simply give up because they aren’t earning much (or anything.)

The trouble is that most people give up before they’ve had time to learn enough to start making good money!

Other people don’t even really try that hard to begin with.

They may buy a bunch of “how to make money” products with the intention of following through, but they are never convinced they can actually make any money, so they don’t even try.

Or maybe they throw up one blog post or product review and then throw up their hands and say, “I knew it was impossible!”

Affiliate marketing is hard work.

Sure, you get to do it from your air conditioned home while working in your underwear (if you want), but it’s work all the same.

Sending traffic directly to your affiliate link is quick and easy, but did you know it’s not always the best course of action?

If you’re not using landing pages, reviews, bonuses, and other advanced affiliate tactics; you’re just leaving money on the table.

There are plenty of ways to improve your odds of making money, or increase your earnings if you’re already making some.

We’ll take a look at some of these methods in future lessons.

Another reason many people fail at affiliate marketing is because they depend too much on a single traffic source and then they get slapped.

Maybe Google hits them with a penalty.

Maybe their paid traffic source changes its rules and they can’t use it anymore.

When you focus too much on one single traffic source, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

So what’s the solution?

Building an email list!

Building an email list can help you build a source of traffic that is practically immune to things like Google slaps and TOS changes, and helps you develop a stable source of income.


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