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Using PLR For Bonus Offers

Using PLR For Bonus Offers

Bonus products give you the overall advantage. They help prospects make the decision to buy through you a heck of a lot easier because you're giving them a clear reason to do so.

But not all bonus products are worth creating. In fact, if you follow the format that many struggling affiliates spend time and money on, you'll sabotage any chance you have to rake in the big commission checks.

Here are a few things to avoid:

1: Oversaturated content. While PLR (private label rights) content is one of the most valuable time-saving methods of creating a bonus product for you affiliate campaigns, you want to avoid using content that has been heavily distributed or sold.

Instead, focus on purchasing content from private label content developers who place limitations on the number of licenses sold. You can find high quality PLR at places like

2: Outdated content. This should be a no-brainer, but you might be surprised to know that a lot of affiliates make the mistake of offering outdated irrelevant content when purchasing PLR for their bonus offers.

You always want to make sure that the PLR you purchase is current, well-written and, whenever possible, created by experts in your particular niche market.

3: Information Beyond The Scope of Training. Another thing to watch out for is not to create a bonus product that includes information, tools or resources that is beyond the scope of what is being offered in the main product you're promoting.

For example, you want to make sure that you aren't overwhelming or confusing your audience by giving them information or tools that they just aren't ready for yet.

This is why it's always important to thoroughly evaluate the products you are promoting so that you fully understand what is being offered, and can easily identify where your target audience is coming from and what level they're currently at.

These are just 3 things to look out for when creating your bonus offers. As long as you are taking the time to understand and evaluate the products you're promoting, the easier it will be to create bonus content that ties into those products and enhances the value without confusing your audience.

The more targeted your incentive offer is, the easier it will be to convert visitors into subscribers, so you really need to think this through.

Offering just any old product, especially a private label product that's already heavily saturated, will make it harder to convince visitors that it's in their best interest to purchase through your affiliate links.

So, consider the different ways that you could create an original product, or at the very least a newly compiled product using multiple, high-quality PLR products.

You could also consider hiring a seasoned writer from a marketplace such as i you really want to ramp things up and be able t showcase a unique bonus offer, exclusively available to your prospects.

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