The PLR Advantage - Part 1

If you are trying to build an online business and are not utilizing PLR in some capacity for your marketing, you are missing out on a relatively simple and effective tool to add to your marketing arsenal. It's a fast growing method of developing a great content for your site, blog, etc that you should definitely consider giving a serious try.

PLR, also known as private label rights, is a concept where a writer or creator sells the intellectual property rights of work they have created. This can include an eBook, articles, software, templates for graphics and more. The uses of PLR content are practically unlimited. All that holds you back is your lack of trying it.

Generally the cost for purchasing a PLR product is cheaper than hiring someone directly to create content for you because the same product is usually sold to a limited number of buyers. Because of this, it is always a good idea when purchasing PLR content that you have the ability to modify the content enough that you differentiate it from other material that can be found online. Adding your "special touch" and making the product your own can open many doors for you.

If you buy high quality PLR products at a fair price, you'll save money and time. Rewriting PLR material and making it your own is so much easier than creating it yourself. You'll have more time to concentrate on other areas of your business. You'll end up with a creation that is yours and that you will be proud to offer to your customers without all the hassle of researching, writing, editing, etc. associated with creating the product yourself. You pay a little and get a lot of benefits in return.

If you look at many website or blog, you are very likely to find PLR products. You'll find the promotions for PLR eBooks on places such as forums, article directories, or social networks which greatly generate more traffic and help generate sales.

If you make sure you're using high-quality materials, you you'll get yourself or your business established much more quickly because you'll be giving your customers what they want and need.

For a beginning business, this can be a lifesaver. You have all the benefits of having your own valuable content without having to spend time seeing to it that everything is just so.

You can decide what you want, order it, spend a little time tweaking it and having something readily available when you launch your site. This gives you an advantage over others who are just starting out. You'll have quality content and will have been able to spend your time seeing to it that the valuable aspects of your business are in order and everything else is ready to go. It's really almost impossible to go wrong that way.

30 Ways To Use Private Label Rights Content

If you're not convinced that PLR content is for you, you should probably think again. You could definitely be surprised at the ways you can utilize PLR content. By using quality PLR content, you can help you grow your business in ways you may have never thought possible. All you need to do is select the right content. Once you have selected the PLR content you'll be able to take advantage of it in many, many ways you never imagined before.

Utilizing the PLR content may sound like a difficult process. It's actually not difficult at all. In fact, some of the ways to use PLR content are genuinely simple. There are so many different ways to do it that you'll be able to find the ones that work best for you. Finding one that says what you want in the way you want to say it can be utilized in many different ways.

The more ways you utilize the PLR content, the greater its effectiveness can be. You'll have to put a little thought and effort into deciding which type of PLR content to use, but once you do, you can get things underway quickly.

Now you know what PLR content is, you know it can be effective, and is something you can undertake and get going quickly. To help get you headed in the right direction, here are some great ways you will be able to utilize the content you purchase:

Building Traffic and Leads

1. Split the content for use as blog posts or articles. Re-write it to ensure originality and to insert keywords that are relevant to your site. You probably already know that the more your business gets "out there" the faster it will grow.

PLR material is very versatile. Purchasing an eBook for example can give you a great number of blog posts or articles you can post to your site. It's more cost effective, because you purchase them at a low price and can break them up as much as you like. If you have a varied customer base, you can split it into what works for each group of customers. They can even spark new ideas you can create yourself. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless.

2. Give away products for free to build your list. This is probably the most common use of PLR products, but definitely very effective. Practically everyone likes to get something for nothing. People will want to join your list to receive more from you. Many people use eBooks to really introduce themselves and the information they have to offer.

You can also use the material to create newsletters, which will increase your email marketing campaign. Sometimes just knowing you'll be among the "first" to get valuable information will entice people to want to join your list. With each new list member, you're helping your business to grow into the kind of business you've dreamed of.

3. Test your marketing campaigns. If you are doing email or direct mail campaigns, create two different landing pages with the same product and test the conversion rate of the landing page or the conversion rate of the email or direct mail message.

You can have the greatest information available, but sometimes how that information is presented can make all the difference. Who you present it to and in what manner you present it can definitely determine whether or not that product line is successful. By testing your campaign, you can come up with a way that really reaches your audience.

Figure out what it is that attracts your target marketing. Often times, it's simply where you place things on page that catches their eye. Testing is easy to do, and prevents you from having to do all that hard work creating something you think is great but just doesn't click with your potential customers. Trying alternate headlines and titles to see which grabs the reader's attention can be extremely important, because the headline/title is the first impression they see of you.

4. Use content for free publicity or press releases. Use the information to write up informational editorials or press releases to help get free publicity in local and online media channels. Just like most things, the success of a small business begins at home. Press releases and free publicity are an excellent way to let those around you know who you are.

If they see something they like, they'll want to know more. With the global market, you can increase your business internationally with very little effort. You pay for the quality PLR product and use it effectively for free publicity. This gets you recognized. After that, the material can be used to offer even more to those who saw your press release or other publicity.

5. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Build your credibility with additional information and resources from the PLR products. Since practically the beginning of time, authors have been revered as authorities in their field. Look how many times the Bible has been rewritten.

Famous old authors who were well-respected men have been passed on for generations. Having your name on an eBook gives the impression that YOU are the expert. It tells them YOU are the person they should turn to for quality information. If you get a well-written PLR eBook and take a few minutes to truly "make it yours," with your own catch phrases, keywords, or concepts, then people will believe that you are an authority in the subject.

You may, in fact, be an authority already, but with no eBooks or blog posts for people to read, they don't know who you are. Not everyone in their niche knows how to put what they know or believe in print form. You can let the writer know what it is that you want to get across and they will create that eBook that gets your message to the world.

6. Break it into parts to be loaded into your weekly or monthly auto responder. Just like any written material, people like "series." By taking the material and dividing it into effective sections, you can draw people back to you again and again. You may also break it down what works for each of your individual lists. You may have a diversified business, and not everyone will be interested in everything you have to say. Using an auto responder, you can have those divided portions be on different aspects of your business and the right material will get to the right market. When that happens, people like subscribing to you, because they'll know you are sending them content they will find relevant and valuable to them.

You won't be considered as "junk" mail because you send things they're not interested in. This keeps them as a subscriber and prevents them from "unsubscribing" from your list.

7. Add value to your joint venture contribution. Create a unique PLR package product that is available to your joint venture partner list only. Being part of a "special" group makes subscribers feel important. If people know they can only get the material from your joint venture contribution, it truly makes them feel important. This can definitely add value.

8. Use snippets to create blurbs on Twitter. Pre-schedule the tweets using pieces from the product to help engage your audience. Give them just enough to make them know they can't miss what you have to say. Remember, the material becomes yours. You can use it anyway you choose, but with the popularity of Twitter. You can let those people who follow you get a "sneak peek" of what's to come and definitely direct more content to your site or blog. Twitter is a very fast word-of-mouth site.

Word-of-mouth has been around for a long time because it works. Remember the saying from "Field of Dreams…" "If you build it, they will come." If you Tweet something intriguing, they will come to your site for the rest of the story.

Re-Purpose or Change the Media

9. Record an MP3 of the content. Sell the audio as a separate or accompanying piece. Or make the audio available on iTunes or similar downloadable forum. Not everyone likes to receive their information the same way. We all process material differently. Some like to read or have something they can print out to write notes or comments to themselves. Others would rather listen to the material.

They like it to be something they can listen to as they go about their day. Having your format in both forms, gives your audience the chance to choose. It allows them to multi-task more effectively. By selling them in both formats you'll attract a wider variety of people. If you offer them together, many people will feel like it's a bonus to have the audio.

They'll appreciate this and be more apt to purchase something where they're getting more for their money. Today's economy is all about value. Offer them a good value and they'll get their information from you.

10. Create a video. Create a slideshow with graphics and post a video of the information. Now you're really increasing your marketing ability. You don't just have a written or audio format, but you actually have something they can view. Seeing who you are can help build rapport with your audience faster than just about any other way. Short videos taken from your blog posts, articles, or eBooks is a great way to make that rapport happen. The videos should only be about three minutes each, so you can see a good eBook can do a lot of videos. It allows you to post on sites like YouTube, your blog, or on your social media pages to draw in those who will find themselves feeling they are part of your organization. It's the perfect personal touch that customers enjoy and return to time and time again.

11. Create an eBook or accompanying workbook. For audio or video PLR products, have it transcribed and create an eBook. Or for eBook products, create a workbook to help readers utilize and understand the material. Many people need that "hand's-on" approach to learning information. Having workbooks is a great way to give it to them. It allows them to really think through and then act out what is you are trying to get across.

Offering a workbook in conjunction with the eBook, audio, or video content will cause your audience to feel they are getting a greater value for their money. If you want the information and more than one person can give it to you, who would you buy it from? Most people will choose the one who they feel is giving them the best deal. If I know that a workbook will enhance my conception of the tasks I need to learn from the workbook, I'll definitely opt for the workbook. Most people are the same way.

12. Write a how-to guide. This is especially useful when re-selling PLR software. Provide a how-to guide or a video demonstrating simple tricks to use the programs or how to install the website templates. Actually showing people how to do something can be extremely valuable for some people. Actually walking them through with a how-to guide in some or all formats gives them a greater grasp of what it is they're trying to learn from you. Content that gives people a clear picture of what it is they want to know will cause them to continue to want their information from you in the future, so it builds future business.

If you're unsure what it is you want to tell people how to do, simply do a bit of research. Google will let you know what keywords are currently being searched for as well as the most sought out topics. Find those where there isn't any information overload, and start there.

13. Use as material for a weekly podcast. Discuss the material and add to it by providing current event examples or personal experiences to create a connection with your audience. Podcasts are a great teaching experience for you and a great learning experience for your audience. You can take the PLR material and create segments you're excited about to share. It can even increase your audience if you add levels for your podcasts.

If technology is your thing, for example, creating a version of your podcast that can reach a beginner or someone who is "technologically challenged," for those who have a fairly good grasp and are seeking a greater knowledge, or for those who are advanced where you can share information among the viewers can give you an extremely wide viewing audience. Does it take a little work to get started? Yes, but once you create your podcast, you can use it reach out and touch many others. The more you reach, the more visits you'll have to your site.

14. Add content to your own report or eBook to add additional references or material. While your original eBook or product is likely great, by adding additional sources to it, you increase the value to your customers as well as your credibility. You can likely find many valuable resources that you may have never thought of. Adding those to your already good content can make it awesome content. Content truly is "the king" for any website or blog. The more valuable the content, the more likely others are to "like" or "share" on social media sites. Each of these helps build your search engine optimization. Take your good, add some better, and you can have content that is the BEST. This is content your customers will appreciate and definitely want more of.

15. Start an informational YouTube Channel. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis use portions of the content to create simple YouTube videos of you discussing the material. YouTube grows larger and larger each day. The ability to grow an audience of viewers is also growing by leaps and bounds. Use the PLR information, and then WOW them with a great intro to catch their attention and make them want to watch it.

Remember that on a video, you only have about three seconds to grab your audience before they click off. Once you've hooked them, give them the valuable content and they'll want to return for your next program. They'll probably even subscribe if given the option. The only thing that's probably keeping you from having success on YouTube is you're not on it. Get that quality PLR information on a channel and see how fast you can watch the traffic increase.

16. Translate the content into other languages. This is a big way to gain access to other markets. Also keep an eye out for good PLR products that may be only available in other languages and then have it translated into English before another online entrepreneur gets access. The world of online businesses is truly a "world-wide" market. Internationally translated material gives you a good piece of that market.

You may have great material in English. If someone is Japanese, however, and they don't speak English, then your English material will have far less value to them. Not everyone is willing to struggle through when they only know a little of the language. They'll just look for something similar to your content in a language they understand. It's a lose/lose situation. They miss out on the better quality information, and you miss out on the sale. By translating, you can offer your information to the world in a way they can all comprehend that can be extremely profitable for you.

To be continued in tomorrow's post

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