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The Mindset of a Coach

The Mindset of a Coach

It’s crucial to switch from the mindset of a “coachee” to that of a coach… and then take that even further. Having the mindset of a leader, of a coach, is extremely important. If you don’t believe you can be successful as a coach, if you don’t believe you’re a true leader, you won’t be.

There are certain beliefs that set very successful people apart from those who aren’t as successful. This is true for business in general and it’s true for the coaching business.

You can’t believe you’re a fraud or that you have nothing to offer as a coach. You can’t believe that your coaching isn’t as worthwhile as the next guy or girl. It’s not about bragging or putting yourself above anyone else— it’s about knowing that you can deliver on your promises and knowing that you can really help people.

This Will Be Challenging Sometimes

There will be times where you’re really challenged by the coaching business. There will be a personality or a situation where you’re really not sure you mesh well. Not everything in the coaching business is rosy.

Sure, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world because everything will fall perfectly into place. But other times, you’ll be really tested. You have to trust in yourself and know that you have the skills to adapt and adjust. You’ll get better at this over time. The things you’ve gone through and the experience you have makes you ready for anything that happens.

Take a Step Back Sometimes

You can’t let yourself get overwhelmed when you’re a coach. When you do, that’s the signal that it’s time to step back. You won’t have all the answers, instantly. But you are going to be flexible enough as a coach to admit that you’d like to try this, or that, or that you’re going to research or investigate something further if you don’t have the answers.

Be Truthful About Your Path

Part of being a successful coach is admitting that you don’t have all the answers. By the same token, you can’t pretend your success and knowledge fell from the sky. A successful leader makes it clear to his coaching students that he or she has worked hard for success. Some “coaches” make it seem like luck and some coaches are too boastful and make it seem like they have all the answers. You don’t want to be either of those. Be truthful about your path— it will help.

Know That There Is Something Really Special about You

There’s a reason your coaching students are going to choose you over another coach. Maybe it’s that you have similar backgrounds or similar styles. Maybe it’s that there’s something about you they inherently trust. Maybe their friend or colleague can’t stop raving about you. Whatever it is, it might secretly shock you when you find out. If it does shock you, it might signal some self-esteem issues you might need to get over. Or it might just make you feel good.

Actually, some of the most seemingly self-assured people in the world are actually really insecure, so you’re not alone. Still, it’s something to work on. Work on having confidence so strong others can sense it. This will help your business and it will help those you coach. You know your stuff and you know how to help the people you work with. No, you’re not guru #1— you’re you. And that’s exactly why people are going to hire you and not guru #1.

Be Able to Admit Your Weaknesses

As much as you should be able to talk yourself up to others and in your own mind, you should also be able to admit your own weaknesses. Your coaching students are very vulnerable when they come to you. It’s okay to admit you don’t have all the answers, but that you’ll work with them to find those answers.

It’s refreshing, actually. Being able to admit you don’t know it all leaves the door open for you to explore and learn more. It makes you more human and more approachable. It makes you much more trustworthy because no one on this planet knows it all. We all have our weaknesses and it’s okay to admit it.

Know Who You Prefer to Work With

In the beginning, you might feel like you’ll work with anyone and everyone. Well, you shouldn’t. There’s a certain type of coaching client who’s a good fit for you and a certain type who’s a not-so-good fit for you. Admit that you can’t help everyone. There will be business and personality clashes.

A good leader knows what to look for in a coaching client— which is why it’s a good idea to require that people apply to be accepted into your program. Get into a mindset that makes it okay to accept certain clients and refer others to a different coach.

Be Ready To Shine the Spotlight on Your Mistakes

A big part of the reason you’re interested in coaching is so you can help people avoid making mistakes. You’ve walked a certain path in business. You’ve made many mistakes and learned from them all. You’ve worked hard on your mindset and skills.

That’s part of what has made you so successful. Still, it can be embarrassing or even painful for some people to admit these mistakes much less shine the spotlight on them. Are you prepared to do that? It’s all part of getting into the mindset of a successful leader. You have to get ready to do it, because it’s really going to help your coaching clients.

Get Ready to Guide People to Their Futures

It’s your job to guide people toward their future. This can seem like a scary task, because what you do will be changing their whole life. But it’s also really exciting and exhilarating. You’re literally taking them by the hand, helping them leap over obstacles, and guiding them toward success. It’s a very noble and important task. You’re more than ready for the challenge.

I’m excited for you. It’s time for you to make that final leap— I’m coaching the coach to have the mindset of a leader. It’s my goal to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls so you can easily and quickly become a powerful coach that’s high in demand. I want you to feel powerful,

successful, and on top of things as a leader. I want you to know that you’re going to change lives in really important ways. If that doesn’t give you a huge and instant boost in positivity and mindset, I don’t know what will.

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