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Success Secret 5: Use Your Talents

Success Secret 5: Use Your Talents

Let’s separate the myths of talent and passion. It’s easy to think that the world’s most successful people are naturally more talented than you. It’s true that some seem pre-programmed to work efficiently and strive for more.

Your childhood home environment has a lot to do with it as well, believe it or not. Were you raised with a mindset of success? If you were born into a wealthy, self-made family, the chances are good you might seek that out for yourself. It’s what you’re used to and you know you deserve.

If you were born to a less well off family that tended to have money troubles or you were taught that money is evil, the chances are good that you might experience the same. You might not feel like you deserve money. In turn, you’ll feel that you aren’t talented enough or intelligent enough in the right way to earn.

It goes beyond that, even. Talent is much more than something you either have or you don’t. You can learn anything you want to learn. You can become good at anything you want to become good at.

But you’re never going to get there if you don’t have the passion and drive to follow through. Let’s say you’re intrigued by the stories of people making it big developing apps for the iPhone. But you stare at books on how to build apps and you’re totally lost. Sure, you could learn it, but you don’t really want to.

Let’s break it down so you can better understand the relationship between talent and success.

Talents You Were Born With

If someone asked you what you’re most talented at, what would you answer? Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s design. Maybe it’s technical work. Maybe it’s working with and relating to people. Brainstorm and write it down.

Are you currently using your talents? If not, why not? There’s something to be said for going with the flow of what you’re naturally good at and turning that into success.

You don’t have to go against the flow. There are unlimited ways to make money and become successful. You don’t have to have the same talents as anyone else. You can turn your talents into whatever kind of success you want.

Talents You Can Learn

You can always learn new things. Let’s say you really want to create an iPhone app. But this time, you find it fun to learn code and study manuals on app design. You may not consider yourself naturally talented at tech work and coding, but it can be learned if you’re passionate and driven.

Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll never be able to do that.”

The world’s most successful people don’t think that way. They know they can do anything they set their mind to. You can do the same. There’s nothing on this earth that you can’t learn to do. Follow your passions and desires to learn whatever it is you want to learn.

Talents You Can Outsource

The world’s most successful people know that if there’s something they don’t know or don’t care to know, there’s someone out there who does. Those people can be easily hired for whatever you want to accomplish.

Let’s say you feel it in your heart that you have a great, multi-million dollar idea for an iPhone app. You have no desire to learn how to design iPhone apps. Do you throw in the towel? No— the mindset of success says that you find a way. You find someone who can turn your app into a reality.

Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. You know, I can almost instantly tell among those I work with who’s going to be successful and who most likely will not be. Those who will never be successful say things like, “I can’t do this, there are too many things standing in my way.”

Those who will be successful say things like, “Okay, I will find a way to make that happen, no matter what.”

Which mindset are you going to adapt? Which currently describes you? Don’t let anything stand in your way. Learn or outsource things you currently can’t do. Make it happen.

Putting It Together to Become Successful

Make use of your talents to become successful. Learn the things you want to learn but currently don’t know. Outsource tasks you don’t know how to do or don’t want to do but that are vital to your success. Never let there be a time where you throw in the towel and decide that you can’t do something. You’re going to do whatever it takes to achieve the kind of success you want to achieve.

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