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Success Secret 23: Help Move Others to Success

Success Secret 23: Help Move Others to Success

As “bad off” as you think you are, there are undoubtedly people out there who would give just about anything to reach the level of success you’ve reached. They would stop at nothing to achieve even just a little bit. They’re either new, unfocused, have hit too many roadblocks, or don’t know the first thing about making a solid plan and sticking with it.

Do you think you could help someone like that? I’m positive you can. What’s great is that helping others will help you. Mentoring or coaching other people helps you see business, mindset, and action taking in a whole new light. Understanding the problems others have and helping them through it is the perfect way to practice seeing your own problems from a whole new light.

Helping other people can take you out of your comfort zone as well. You’ll feel driven to help them succeed and you’ll be driven to share your very best tips and strategies with them. This helps you grow as a businessperson. It gives you confidence and can help you achieve a great level of success yourself.

Mentoring others by offering coaching services, consulting services, or even just helping people who come to you is a great way to do something constructive that really helps people. Maybe you’re in a mindset slump right now or you’re driven to do something totally different from your typical day-to-day. You will greatly benefit from helping others.

As Gandhi has said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Try it— it’s done incredible things for my business. I can’t tell you how many new product ideas or business ideas or boosts in mindset I’ve gotten as a result of helping other people find success. It makes me feel good and gives me a great sense of purpose. Nothing’s better than receiving a “thank you!” email in my inbox— it tells me I’m giving back in this world. As much as we all want more money, that feeling and knowing that you’re really helping people is just as valuable.

Actually, I’ve had a great number of marketers ask me how they can get started helping other people. They’ve noticed how many I’ve helped through my Earn 1K a Day membership forum, coaching programs, and The IM Inside Track Facebook group. They’ve also noticed how many people credit me for their success— an honor that makes me blush at the same time it makes me smile. That’s why I’ve put together a complete course on how to coach and mentor others. That can really help you with this step.

Consider Hiring A Mentor Of Your Own

If you’ve been in business for a while, you might not consider hiring a mentor a logical step. You might feel that you know it all; you just have to put it into action. But you can’t have that mindset. Hiring a coach or finding a mentor can help you achieve some incredible things.

It might seem silly that I’m telling you to both hire a mentor and become one yourself. But it’s not silly at all. You have the ability to help others. You have the ability to grow beyond where you are now. Other people can help you get there.

Make sure you’re really selective about who you choose to help you. Coaches are not all created equal. You should hire someone who will challenge you and that you respect. They should be on the level of success you hope to reach yourself. Not all coaches are created equal— for instance, I don’t suggest you hire someone from a “coaching floor.” Hire a coach who will take the time to get to know you as an individual.

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