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Success Secret 22: Become More Self-Disciplined

Success Secret 22: Become More Self-Disciplined

Many reading this are self-employed or want to be. Many of the most successful people are self-employed or own their own company. They are self-led and self-directed. Does that describe you?

A lack of self-discipline is one of the biggest problems plaguing people who want to be more successful. It’s hard to push ahead when you don’t see immediate rewards. It’s much easier to do “just enough” to have a minimum level of success. But you clearly want more. It’s time to become more self-disciplined so you can.

You won’t always have people looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do. If you want to be truly successful, you have to control what you do and how long you do it. You have to set goals and plans and follow through.

This is difficult for those who thrive under pressure. Some people feel that they need some external pressure to stay productive. If they’re left to their own devices, they tend to falter. They work hard when they need money or when they know they’re falling behind. But when things get easier or that pressure isn’t there, they back off— whether they’re conscious of it or not.

Successful people don’t have this pattern. They are always productive and they always follow through with their plans. They have excellent self-discipline and no longer need that external pressure.

Don’t worry that you’re a lost cause. Just because they’re like that now doesn’t mean they were always like that. You can teach yourself to have more self-discipline and to be more productive. It can be hard— we all lose control sometimes. But you have to practice, develop good habits, and have enough motivation to power through your to-do list and accomplish your goals even when you don’t have that external pressure.

If you’re disciplined enough to carry through every day, who knows what’s possible. You’ll become a master of efficiency and you’ll be able to accomplish so much more. What’s best of all is that you’ll always get to make your own rules. You can work for yourself doing whatever makes you happy.

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