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Success Secret 14: Know When to Separate Emotions

Success Secret 14: Know When to Separate Emotions

It’s impossible to be completely emotionless. Emotion can certainly drive you to action. But there comes a time when emotion is not useful at all. Sometimes, you have to turn the emotion off and push through to success. How do you know the difference?

It comes down to personal assessment. Are the emotions you’re feeling right now helping you or holding you back? Learn how to take control of your emotions to turn them into positive energy you can use to move forward with your business. If your emotions are holding you back it’s time to try a different strategy.

Successful people know how to separate facts and best practices from their emotions. They know how to make decisions the right way.

I’ve found that simply paying attention to your emotions and how you feel is very helpful. Many of us operate on emotion every day without being mindful that we’re doing it. You have to train yourself to be more aware so you can take control.

Emotions and Decision Making

It’s easy to let your emotions get in the way when it comes time to make important decisions. Some people tend to make decisions based on instinct or a gut feeling. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that as long as it’s productive for you. Others tend to make decisions that are based solely on fact. They completely remove themselves and their feelings from the decision. That’s fine too— again, the method used isn’t as important as the results.

But something has to give if you find that your emotions consistently hold you back. Do you stew over seemingly simple decisions for days? Do you tend to make poor decisions because your emotions have gotten in the way? It’s time for a new strategy.

Write down the facts and be mindful of your gut instinct if that’s something you value. Don’t let anxiety and fear enter into the decision making process. Eliminate unnecessary feelings and data. This will help you make better decisions overall, following in the pattern of the world’s most successful people.

Emotions and Mindset

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your mindset? Is your mindset conducive to productivity, creativity, and success? Or, do you tend to think you’ll fail? Does your anxiety or negative thinking get in the way? Your emotions have everything to do with this.

It’s next to impossible to become successful if you have a poor mindset. Keep your emotions in check and take steps to figure out how what you do and what you feel affects your mindset. I think you’ll find that being more mindful of this is very helpful.

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