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Success Secret 12: Have The Motivation (Your Why)

Success Secret 12: Have The Motivation (Your Why)

It’s all well and good to decide to have this mindset but it’s another thing altogether to actually live it. The fact is that if you aren’t fully motivated you most likely won’t follow through. Success never comes in a straight line. If you don’t know what you want at the end of that line you’ll be tempted to choose an easier path. You’ll give up, start on a new path, give up on that one, and maybe even give up altogether.

What is your motivation to succeed? What do you really need or want? You have to want it so bad that you can taste it. It has to feel completely inevitable that you’re going to accomplish your goals.

If you’re not sure what your motivation is you need to pause and work it out. Journaling can really help you. There’s a reason you’re driven to success and you need to pinpoint exactly what that is. The answer might surprise you.

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