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Reviews Help Increase Affiliate Income

Reviews Help Increase Affiliate Income

Review sites are a dime a dozen these days, so do they still work?


Reviews are still an incredibly powerful way to increase your affiliate earnings with only minimal additional work, making them perfect for beginners who might not have a lot of money available for things like rebates and offering big bonuses.

In order to make the most out of reviews, it’s important to be completely honest in your review.

If you find anything negative about the product, say so.

Don’t worry that it will hurt sales, because if you’ve selected a quality product to promote (which you should always do!)

a few negative points will only serve to give some additional credibility to your review.

Most marketers who write reviews only write overwhelmingly positive, glowing reviews about the products they promote, which is a dead giveaway they’re only interested in making money.

But if you include a few negative points, people are more likely to believe your review.

Of course, you’ll only want to review products you have legitimately used and enjoyed.

Never be dishonest with your traffic.

Your reputation means everything in the world of marketing, and doing anything to tarnish it for the sake of quick profits is a very bad idea.

If you truly cannot use the product yourself (for example, you’re promoting a weight loss product and you don’t need to lose weight) then you can look up other people’s reviews and ask if they would mind you using small snippets of their reviews in exchange for a link to their page.

You could format it like this:

Jenny Barnes said: “…the easiest weight loss method I’ve ever tried.

I lost 15 pounds in the first month, and over 60 since I started!”

Visit her site at

It goes without saying that you need to ask for permission before you do this.

Otherwise, you’d be infringing on their copyright, and some people wouldn’t appreciate this even if you linked to their site.

You can also put several reviews on the same page, either in paragraph format or in a graphical table that shows various features of each product, to compare several similar products if you have more than one you’d like to promote.

Comparison pages, especially if you include prices, can be very persuasive.

They help people choose between similar products at a glance, while making sure they get all the features they’re looking for at a price they can afford and are willing to pay.

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