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Revealed: The Truth about the PLR Scene

Revealed: The Truth about the PLR Scene

The idea of selling PLR seems fun and simple when you’re looking at the business from a distance. However, once you become a PLR seller and immerse yourself in this business, you’ll discover that it’s not as fun and ‘glamorous’ as you thought it would be.

Below, you’ll find a list of truths about the PLR scene that most PLR sellers don’t really talk about. They know it exists, but why ruin the fantasy? So, they stay silent.

Most PLR sellers will NOT be successful

Every single year, several people try their hand at selling PLR content. Most of them end up quitting when they discover just how time-consuming and draining the business can be.

Hours of researching and writing content is the norm. Your marketing skills must be on point. Your sales copy must work. You need to find affiliates to promote you.

You’re always behind the eight ball and there’s always more work to attend to. This is NOT an easy business.

Deciding the type of PLR seller you want to be

When you decide to become a PLR seller, you have two choices in front of you.

The first is to just be a run-of-the-mill PLR vendor who creates products that are nothing to write home about. These vendors outsource their content creation to cheap writers and their whole business model is to launch incessantly.

These PLR sellers usually form alliances with other similar PLR vendors and they promote each other to sustain themselves. It’s like a self-sustaining PLR ecosystem where everyone gets by, but no one gets noticed.

The second choice you have is to be a PLR seller who creates exceptional content which makes buyers sit up and take notice. Not only do you strive to ensure that your products are sterling, but you only promote PLR sellers who have exceptional content.

The vendors you choose to associate with will indirectly affect your reputation. If you sleep with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.

While your affiliate income will suffer if you’re stringent with whom you choose to promote, your customers’ and audience’s trust in you will be high and unwavering. You’re a beacon of truth in an industry which is clouded with hyperbole and low-quality products.

Publisher vs creator

Once you’ve established a solid reputation, you can choose to be a PLR publisher instead of creating all the content on your own. You’ll have a regular income online which allows you to hire competent writers to create all or some of the content for you.

Doing this will free up your time and the business will not be so laborious. However, you should already be making good money to get to this level.

It’s NEVER totally passive income

Unlike other online business models, the PLR business is never totally passive. You’ll always need to be creating and launching new products. Your affiliate marketing will be an ongoing thing too.

While you can take steps to generate passive sales, you’ll still need to be actively involved in the business. You’re only as good as your last launch and must stay in sight to be in your customers’ minds.

This is NOTHING like buying a house and renting it while you collect rent without much worry.

Use PLR as a foundation to build multiple income streams

While PLR is a good way to generate an income online if you’re willing to work hard, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Once you’re successful with PLR, start working on another proven business model while you maintain your PLR business. Strive for business models that are more passive in nature. For example, you may hire designers to create images that you could print on t-shirts and mugs to sell on Etsy, etc. Once the design is done and uploaded in the store, that’s passive income for every sale.

People who are already visiting these marketplaces and may stumble across your product and buy it with no further effort on your part. Over time you can scale up this business.

You MUST be passionate

The PLR business requires you to be passionate about what you do. Almost all the best PLR sellers put their heart and soul into their content creation. Their business is an extension of them.

The PLR vendors who simply do it for the money only gain traction for a while before their sales decline and they just fade into the background. They never really make a name for themselves and their progress is impeded by their own lack of passion.

Your reputation is EVERYTHING!

Do the best you can at whatever you do in your PLR business. Customers want more than what they pay for. Give it to them in terms of value. Don’t hesitate or be calculative.

Do NOT promote rubbish products or overwhelm your list with offers. The people on your list are NOT numbers for you to exploit. They’re people. Treat them like people instead of cash cows.

Be friends with your affiliates instead of looking at them as marks to approach whenever you need a favor. Put friendship before business.

Be an excellent PLR seller with a good reputation amongst both your peers and your customers. Your success in this business depends on it.

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