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PLR Store VS. PLR Launches: Which is Better?

PLR Store VS PLR Launches: Which is Better?

There are a few very common questions that new PLR sellers have about PLR stores and launches.

“Should I build a PLR store or should I do PLR launches?”

“Which will make me more money?”

“I only have a few products. Will my store look pathetic?”

The quick answer to these questions is that you should build your own PLR store, but it’s not the most important thing.

It won’t make you more money than PLR launches… and you can build a store even if you just have one product. Everyone starts somewhere.

Launches build your list fast

Here’s the truth – doing a PLR launch will get you a sudden influx of cash and buyers. In fact, PLR launches are so profitable that you can generate a profitable income selling PLR without ever having a store.

Stores do not convert as well as launches and don’t build you an email list as fast. The key to making rapid income with PLR will be to do one or two PLR launches a month until you can build a list of about 1,000 customers.

Now you’re relatively stable… and can work on the next point…

PLR stores make passive income

PLR stores serve a purpose. They offer more products for customers to buy. For example, if you have one major PLR launch a month, what are you going to sell for the rest of the month?

With a PLR store, you’ll be able to create and sell smaller content packs and still generate sales. Your customers will also be able to get more PLR from you that was not included in your launch package.

A PLR store also gives you credibility as a PLR seller. There’s a point of reference for potential customers. You’ll not look like a fly-by-night PLR seller who’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Focus on one first – and it’s this one!

If you’re new to selling PLR, ALWAYS focus on doing PLR launches first!

With the money you earn you can always hire someone to build a PLR store for you, and you could even pay writers to create smaller content packs to populate your store.

You’ll build a list fast, generate a much higher income and quickly become a PLR authority with launches. Do it first, and you can always build a PLR store down the road.

Don’t put the cart before the horse and try to build a PLR store first. This is a formidable endeavor that takes time and doesn’t really fast track your success in the business.

Additional pointers

While PLR stores don’t convert as well as PLR launches, there are a few steps you can take to generate more sales from your store.

You could optimize your products listing so that they rank in the search engines. Knowledge of search engine optimization will help you. If you have a PLR pack on woodworking, you should work to get the term ‘woodworking PLR’ to rank.

Create a video and upload it on YouTube. Build a few links pointing to your product page and so on. You may outsource this mind-numbing task to experts on

Another tip – have an opt in form on your PLR store to encourage visitors to sign up for your list. Giveaway some free PLR to lure them in. You should always be trying to build your list.

You should also install an affiliate plugin/software on your store so that people can sign up to be affiliates for your store. They’ll help to drive traffic and get you sales that you couldn’t get on your own.

Once you have a store with sufficient products, there are many things you can do to generate sales. You could offer a storewide discount.

Or if you’re promoting another vendor’s PLR launch, you could offer a ‘Free PLR’ store coupon to those who buy through your link.

PLR stores give you quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to generating extra income… and the key word here is ‘extra’.

This entire article can be summarized in one sentence…

Make most of your income from PLR launches, and build a PLR store on the side to generate extra income. That’s really all there is to it.

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