More Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Today we’re going to look at some more mistakes people make that can really hurt their sales.

For one thing, a lot of people, especially when they’re new to internet marketing, tend to promote too many things.

They want to promote everything under the sun, because they don’t know what will make them the most money.

Instead, find a couple of very high quality products and focus on those.

As long as you choose a product that you’ve personally checked out for quality, and that has a sales page that really seems to speak to the market, you’ll be fine.

If you promote a particular product for a while and don’t get any sales, THEN you can move onto something else.

But if you slap up 20 different products in the sidebar of your blog, people will just ignore ALL of them.

Another problem is giving up too quickly.

So many people have declared internet marketing “a scam” simply because they gave up too quickly.

It takes time to build traffic and build a list.

It takes time to learn to recognize which products are likely to convert.

If you give up too quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail! Instead, keep trying long past the time when you feel yourself wanting to give up.

You’ll see results eventually, but not if you give up!

Hard selling is another big problem in affiliate marketing.

People don’t like to be inundated with too many messages, or too many links screaming BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Instead, focus on helping your visitors.

Give them reasons why the product could help them.

Review the product if you’ve used it yourself.

Maybe compare the product to a couple of other similar products (not many, just one or two others) so they can make an informed purchase decision.

Sure, you need a strong call-to-action, but you don’t want to make people feel like all you’re trying to do is pressure them into buying.

Think about car salesmen.

Most people can’t stand car salesmen, because they try to pressure people into buying when they aren’t ready to.

The very best car salesmen are only interested in helping someone find the right car, and they do it politely and without pressure.

That brings people back to buy more cars in the future, because they didn’t feel pressured when they bought the first one!



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