Major Affiliate Mistakes

As an affiliate, you probably think you don’t have a lot of responsibility.

After all, the product owner has all the responsibility of being honest on the sales page, handling delivery, customer service, etc.

But you still have a lot of responsibility as an affiliate, and you can still make a lot of mistakes that could hurt your sales.

One of the biggest mistakes affiliates make is creating custom promotional material without getting it approved by the product owner.

This puts you at risk of losing your ability to promote any of that person’s products, because they may not like some of the thinks you’ve said or done in your own material.

Why does this matter? Because some product owners want to approve any promotional material to be sure it is completely honest and doesn’t do anything that may harm their reputation.

For example, on a landing page, you may inadvertently tell people the product has a 60-day guarantee, when it actually has only a 30-day guarantee.

When someone tries to refund at the day 45 mark and says, “Well, Joe Marketer said it was 60 days”, the product owner either has to be the bad guy by telling that customer no, or they have to give a refund they otherwise would not have had to give, costing them money.

If you had taken the time to get your landing page approved by the product owner, he or she could have told you about the mistake, and all of it could have been avoided.

Another major mistake affiliates make is thinking, “Oh, it’s just an affiliate product.”

No! It’s not “just” an affiliate product!

If that’s what you think, you shouldn’t be promoting that product.

You should only be promoting products you’re passionate about.

If you’re passionate about a product, it will show in your marketing.

If you treat a product like it’s your own, you’ll work a lot harder to promote it, and you’ll get a lot more sales than you would if you look at it as someone else’s product.

Finally, a lot of people just try to get people off to the affiliate product without worrying about the future.

They’re just looking for a quick sale.

Instead, it’s important to focus on building your list so you can sell that person MANY affiliate products (and possibly your own) over the years.

If you just push them off to an affiliate product, they could be gone forever, and if you don’t make that one sale, that visitor was useless to you.

Be sure you’re focusing on the long term and building that list so you have a resource for marketing for a long time.

Don’t think about making money quickly.

Think about making a lot of money for a very long time to come.



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