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How To Take Your Own Killer Photos

How To Take Your Own Killer Photos

Sometimes you just can’t locate the right photo, or you just get tired of paying a fortune for photos because you use so many of them.

Taking your own photos is the perfect way to get exactly the right photo to suit your needs without spending a fortune and without worrying about legal issues.

But what if you don’t know a thing about photography?

Honestly, you don’t really need to know much about photography to take great photos. There are a few simple tips you can use to take better photos, no matter what kind of equipment you’re using.

1. Lighting

Lighting is the single most important “secret” to taking great pictures. The type of lighting you need will vary depending on the subject and the “mood” you want for you photo, but generally the best lighting to take a photo i is sunlight.

Yep. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy studio lights and backdrops. Natural sunlight is almost always the best light source.

You’ll have to be careful to position your shot correctly so there are no harsh shadows, especially if the sun i very bright, but natural sunlight is going to be better than any studio lighting setup in almost every situation.

If you need “mood” lighting, you can use sunlight at different parts of the day, or bring your shot indoors near windows to take advantage of natural light without the harsh shadows and glare of direct sunlight.

2. The Rule of Third

The rule of thirds is a principle in which the subject of a photograph or piece of art is lined up along the intersections of nine invisible sections divided equally by two horizontal and two vertical lines.

Learn more about how to apply the rule of thirds to you photographs here

3. Use Negative Space

A big mistake a lot of people make when taking picture is thinking they need to fill the entire screen with their subject, but sometimes it’s a good idea to leave some empty space in the frame to draw attention to the subject.

For example, you might take a picture of a plate of food on a table with a good portion of the photo being of the tabletop. Or you might take a photo of a laptop on a desk with the wall behind the computer composing a lo of the negative space.

4. Try To Avoid Zoom

When using the zoom feature, you’ll notice the quality of your pictures reduces significantly. The more you zoom in, the worse the quality reduction.

Sometimes zooming will be unavoidable, but if at all possible, just move closer to your subject instead o using zoom.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Edit

Finally, don’t be afraid to edit your photos. Even applying a simple filter with a camera app like Camera or the Foodie app can really make your photos look a lo better, and it only takes a few seconds.

If you’re worried you might accidentally mess up a photo just make a copy of it first.

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