How to Earn $500 in a Day - Part 2

Product Creation

Creating your own product is a great way to earn money quickly. Create a quick product in a day and get affiliates on board to sell it. One problem, one solution products work great for this.

Leveraging the Success of Others

You most likely hang around with other Internet marketers online. It's a wonderful thing-- online marketing can be so isolating, especially when you work for yourself from home. But we're naturally drawn to working with other people as humans. We crave social interaction. Just because we work online and maybe even prefer to work alone and definitely prefer working for ourselves doesn't mean we work in a vacuum.

All that is to say that you can often dramatically increase the chances of your success by leveraging the success of others. It happens all the time and, as long as it's done well, it's silly to pass the opportunity by. This will only work today if you've built up strong relationships with other marketers already, of course.

Do you have marketer friends you feel would support you, especially if there was something great in it for them? That's often the trick when you approach other people-- you can't present it as you needing something; you have to present it as this amazing thing you can do for them.

Let's say you have a friend who you know has a list of people who tend to hire writers to complete products and articles for them. Maybe you could offer to give your friend 50% (or whatever figure works for you) of each sale he refers. That person has a network of people that is probably actively looking to hire a writer. If you're a writer looking for fast cash, this is one way to leverage the success of others.

Or, let's say you've written a product and you're pretty good friends now with someone who is deemed to be one of the top experts in the niche. You've done the bulk of the work and you know it's good. What if you offer your friend the chance to JV on the sale of the book. That person will get to add their name, either as co-author or contributor. They will then most likely promote the book as well, at whichever rate or split you determined ahead of time.

The bottom line on this method is that if it will work for you, you likely have a gut feeling on that right now. You have the person in mind you're going to call, Skype, or email. It never hurts to ask-- the worst people can say is no. You have to approach others in the right way, of course, which means individualizing your request, having a true relationship with them, and really, really making sure there is something incredible in it for them. It goes without saying that that person should have to do next to no work on this.

Using What You Already Have

Do you have products you've sold as WSO's in the past? Do you have articles you've written or had written for you and never used? Do you have niche websites that are earning pennies for you that you just don't have time to pay attention to? Think about what you own out there in cyberspace or on your hard drive that's not being used to its fullest extent-- whether it's something that used to earn you money or hasn't yet had the chance to, even if it's something that failed in the past.

After you've taken inventory of these things, brainstorm ways you can use them, today, to earn an extra $500.

Ideas include:

  • Bundling products together and selling them for a crazy price, including an awesome upsell on a brand new product, specialized coaching, or whatever you can come up with quickly that is also of value

  • Selling PLR to your past products

  • Selling resale rights to your past products

  • Selling PLR rights to your used or unused articles

  • Selling used or unused content to a single owner for a larger payday

There are tons of options here, and the chances are high that you have some gold sitting right on your hard drive if you've been into Internet marketing for any length of time at all. You can certainly dust those things off to earn a quick $500 from it. If you need to get affiliate or JV support behind you, come up with a unique way to get high visibility, today.

Gather Up Your Old Stuff

There's another quick way to make money from "stuff" that's just lying around... sell it on eBay or Amazon. With eBay, you'll get a faster payday because the money goes right into your PayPal account. Put up a crazy good Buy It Now price and require immediate payment and you can very quickly round up some great cash. You might not earn as much from your stuff as you would if you let an auction run or set a buy-it-now pirce for a price closer to its worth, but sometimes just getting things out of the house and getting the money you need is worth it.

Amazon is a great option for used media, new toys, and just about everything else (used or new... it depends on the category whether you're allowed to list in either category). You can sometimes command a higher price than you can on eBay. You won't physically see your money for a while though-- 2 weeks if you're an experienced seller or 3-4 weeks if you're just signing up. Consider what's worth it to you.

What If You Don't Reach Your Goal?

These are some ideas meant to get the juices flowing. Brainstorm your own list of ways to earn $500 today. Consider your assets, talents, relationships, and everything else you have going for you. Consider what's selling in the market and what people are willing to pay quick money for.

What if this totally flops? It might... but some of these ideas are really quick to test. Other ideas just might take a bit more time to marinate, depending on the route you've chosen and what you have going for you. It might be that you need to spend more time building relationships and building confidence.

There's a lot to be said for the power of attraction. If you come up with a thousand reasons why this won't work and why you'll never see that $500, you never will. But if you enter into this with positivity, any one of these ideas can work for you... over and over again.

Turning This Fast Success into Longer Lasting Success

You might really enjoy the challenge and success of earning $500 in a day so much that you want to turn it into a full time business. Maybe you love setting up autoresponder campaigns for offline businesses. Maybe people really responded to your online service and you want to keep offering it. Maybe you are so thrilled about flipping your old content and selling it as PLR that you're happy doing that to the end of time.

It's totally fine to turn these ideas into a long term business. Make sure you're smart about it and that you don't stick to the Firesale prices you might have been charging at first. There's fast money and then there's smart money-- don't be afraid to charge what you're worth if you're going to do this long term. I think you can do really well with this, no matter what you choose to do.



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