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How to Earn $500 in a Day - Part 1

There are times in life when you need some extra money. Maybe there's too much month at the end of the money, you want to save up for something special, or maybe you even just want to prove that you can make it happen.

There’s something to be said for getting something you need right now. I'm a huge proponent of building a long-lasting business the right way. But I can't deny that many people I've worked with and talked to can use this income boost on occasion. Not to mention that it can be a really fun challenge. Who wouldn't like to create $500 out of seemingly nothing?

Something happens when you succeed with earning a set amount of money very quickly. You prove you can do it. You start to become more confident for the next time. Suddenly, the sky is the limit. You can expand your horizons and stretch the limits of what you think you can do and find out what you actually can do.

How You're Going To Earn $500

It doesn't matter whether you're brand new to marketing or how much experience you have. There are countless ways to earn $500 in a day. I'm not going to pretend it's easy. Some of the methods will have you collecting the money today (or the promise of the money), but you'll complete the work over time. Other methods will have you paying out some of the money as a commission to others. Still other methods will put $500 in your pocket today but may not be sustainable all day, every day.

I never want to falsely promise riches to anyone. Internet marketing takes work. Anything you do in business takes work. But you absolutely can earn some great money today, especially if you're down to the wire and really feel motivated to make this work.

There's a method out there for everyone. Maybe you love working with other marketers and love the idea of leveraging their success for mutual benefit. Maybe you love working for clients and would like to put $500 in your pocket today by offering a new and unique service. Maybe you love product creation and are motivated to create and release a product in a day. No matter what it is, you can make it work for you. I can't say that enough -- I want you to feel it and believe it so you can live it.

Below, I'm going to give you some ideas you can run with to reach your goal. Depending on what you choose, you could even do two of them. Figure out what will work best for you and your business.

Offline Services

There are still offline businesses out there that don't have much of an online presence. This is less common these days, but I'll bet you can find a great offline client today, even if you live in a small town. You have to do some digging to see which popular businesses in your town do have a presence and which don't. Then, look for holes in their online presence. Do they have a Facebook page? Are they building a list? Are they engaging their customers online and building relationships with them?

It's probably going to be pretty easy to find a business that is doing a poor job of list building and relationship building. If you've studied list building at all, then you know how important this is. Find your top few (or several) prospects and draw up mock plans for list building, squeeze pages, email campaigns, or whatever is most appropriate.

Charge $250 for a month's worth of services and take on two clients (you'll spend around 30 minutes a day pushing their campaign, beyond initial set up... but figure out what works for you). Or, charge $500 for a premium package. If you're feeling extra confident, you can guarantee results with more confidence-- maybe they would get additional work the following month if certain targets aren't 'met.

As with anything in marketing, it's all about what the customer needs, wants, and expects. Make your package as attractive as possible and you'll get some takers. Email marketing in particular is a great focus because the returns are there for sure for your client.

How are you going to get your $500? Go pound the pavement-- get your presentation and mock plan up and visit businesses until you get your "yes." It might not be easy and it can be discouraging-- but you can be you're going to smile from ear to ear when you do get that yes.

Online Services

Of all the methods I'm going to recommend, this is probably the most surefire. I've heard of freelancers setting up their business and pretty much having it take off like crazy the very same day. It's all in how you position yourself, of course.

Do some brainstorming and some research and figure out what kind of service you can offer. Are you a writer? There are plenty of opportunities out there. Graphic artist? Plenty of jobs you can take on. Technical guru? Plenty of people need tech help.

The problem people tend to run into is that there are so many other service providers out there. Does that mean you should stay away from this as an idea for earning quickly or even setting up a long term business? Absolutely not. All you have to do is find a way to set yourself apart.

You have to find a careful balance between:

Your talents and skills

What people are hiring for right now

Doing something different and better than other service providers

Try to think of ways to bundle useful services. Use what you know about marketing and copywriting to frame your offer in a way that is extra enticing. Consider who your target market is and find ways to craft an offer that will be unbeatable for that audience.

Where are you going to find these clients? Many popular Internet marketing forums, including Earn 1K a Day, have a services section. In the case of my forum, you have to give the forum a better price than you give the general public. It's a win-win for everyone.

You can also contact past clients (if you've offered services in the past) with this special new deal to see if you get any takers. Another idea is to contact other service providers to see if they have any overflow work. Beyond that, use existing social media and business contacts to present your amazing offer to the right audience. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Remember-- higher priced packages where you offer bundles of services (let's say, writing an ebook, a sales letter, and an autoresponder series, or setting up an entire affiliate website and writing all the content) will help you reach your income goal more quickly. You can absolutely earn this money today if you work hard at it today. You'll complete the work afterward, of course, but you can request that you're paid upfront (through PayPal) since you're offering such a great deal.

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