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How To Become A Dominant Force In Your Market: Product Marketing Hot Spots

You’ve got yourself a good roadmap for creating products that your customers will really love. Now let’s take a look at the hot spots along your route that will help you enjoy even more success. Check out these popular FAQs…

Q: How do I become popular in my niche?

The answer: you don’t. And in fact, that’s the wrong question to ask.

You see, there are a lot of marketers who are popular, but they’re not making any money in their niche. People like them, but people don’t buy from them.

Reason? They have no pull. No sway. No influence.

If you want to make more money, then here’s the question you should be asking: how do you becoming INFLUENTIAL in your niche?

Here are two ideas:

· Work with other influential people in your niche. When your prospects see that you’re associated with powerful people in your niche, they’ll associate your name with someone who is powerful, respected and influential too.

· Pioneer ideas in your niche. In other words, don’t teach the same strategies in the same way that everyone else is teaching them. If you’ve been in your niche for a while, then you should be experimenting with new ways of doing things. And when you get good results, share these results with your niche.

Next question….

Q: How do you make the jump from building interest to building desire?

Here’s how the sale process works:

Capture attention -> Get the prospect interested -> Build Desire -> Create Action

A lot of marketers know how to capture attention with a good benefit-driven, curiosity-arousing headline. But then they flounder, and they can’t quite bridge the gap between that step and getting the prospect to take action. Basically, they’re not sure how to build interest and then build desire.

Here’s your answer: use features to build interest, and benefits (and emotions) to build desire.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s imagine you’re selling copywriting information. One of the features of your program is that you offer sales letter templates. That’s going to get an astute prospect interested in your offer.

Now if you want them to all-out desire your offer, you need to tell them the benefits of these templates. E.G., let prospects know how these templates make it quick and easy for them to create a high-converting sales letter in as little as 10 minutes. Plus, they’ll save money when they don’t need to hire expensive copywriters anymore.

Next hot spot…

Q: Everyone says “build relationships” to get sales. How do you do this?

Elsewhere in this MAP we’ve touched on how to get prospects to know, like and trust you. This is through interacting with them, getting personal, being trustworthy, and providing good information.

Now here’s something else: if you work on building relationships with one buyer, then you’ll make one new customer. But if you work on building relationships with affiliates and joint venture partners, then each partner could result in dozens or hundreds of new customers.

So, how do you build relationships with others in your niche? Check out these tips:

· Help without expectation of receiving anything in return. For example, become a potential partner’s affiliate and make money for him first before you ask him to become your partner. (But don’t expect that he will – he’s under no obligation.)

· Create a dialogue. You can do this on social media or even by joining the discussions on a potential partner’s blog.

· Start small. Here you ask your potential partner for a small favor which only takes a minute or two of his time (such as offering one tip that you’ll compile into a tips blog post). When you later ask for a bigger favor – a joint venture – he’ll be more likely to say yes. This is a proven psychological tactic.

· Create a great experience. If your partner gets good results and has a pleasant experience with you when you do your first joint venture together, he’s more likely to agree to another partnership.


Q: How do you sell without selling?

A lot of marketers go crazy trying to boost their conversions. So, they hard-sell their products to the point that they’re churning and burning through their mailing lists and blog readership. They use lots of “tricks” such as creating scarcity. And so they end up doing a whole lot of selling, but it seems like people aren’t buying.

Here’s the solution” stop selling your product. Instead, start selling YOURSELF. Create value in your marketplace, and people will naturally want to see what you’re offering.

Here are examples of selling yourself:

· Do interviews. Having someone else interview you naturally establishes you as an expert.

· Blanket your niche with content. Syndicate quality content, do guest blogging, and maintain your own platforms to distribute your content.

· Specialize and solve problems. Pick one problem in your niche and become the “go to” expert on solving that problem. Offer tips that create quick results, so that readers will keep taking action on what you’re teaching them.


Q: You say that people buy results, not products. How do you sell results?

What you do here is look at the “ultimate outcome” that your product produces, and then you focus on that benefit above all else.

For example, people don’t buy diet information. They don’t buy cookbooks. They don’t buy exercise videos. What they’re actually buying – the ultimate outcome/result – is a lean, attractive body and a boost of self-confidence.

If you focus on selling these results (attractiveness and self-confidence), it will be easy to sell your products.

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