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Holding Yourself Back with Perceived Limitations

Holding Yourself Back with Perceived Limitations

Perceived limitations you harbor about yourself can keep you from following your passions and realizing dreams for the future. You may have been trying for a long time to get a business idea off the ground, lose weight or reach a success goal you want for your life.

It’s just not happening and you may not know why. Obstacles arise – one after the other - and you never seem to conquer them enough to keep on the path to success. It’s likely not the obstacles, but yourself that’s holding you back - with perceived limitations.

Limitations can come in the form of excuses ignited from fear, procrastination and complacency or from what you learned in the past. You may feel powerless to break away because the negative thoughts they bring, the way they zap your energy and keep you in a box you can’t seem to break out of.

If you’re ever going to achieve the success you want and deserve you have to take the steps of working through the limitations you’ve put on yourself. The first step you should take is to think about something you desperately want and need and then ask yourself why you haven’t gotten it yet.

You’ll likely think of excuses and limiting beliefs you’ve held about yourself for years – perhaps even back to your childhood days. What do you say to yourself to verify these limitations?

Think about what happened to you to foster these beliefs about yourself. Did you learn anything from what happened to you? Maybe you failed at a business you tried and lost a great deal of money.

That can be a devastating blow to your psyche and hold you back forever unless you can turn that negative into an empowering event in your life. When an opportunity or idea you feel good about enters your mind, you may push it aside if you have perceived negative limitations about yourself and never visit the thought again.

Fear is usually the reason people don’t act on their good instincts and the right opportunity. There are many ways to identify your perceived limitations - including keeping a journal of your thoughts – especially the negative ones.

Life coaches and counselors are also great to help you work through your perceived limitations and put you on the right track for whatever you want to do. Challenge yourself to take action and break through the limitations you’ve assigned to yourself. Take it a baby step at a time until you’re able to see your perceived limitations for what they are – unfounded fears.


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