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Don’t Pick a Niche Because Someone Told You To

Don’t Pick a Niche Because Someone Told You To

Choosing a niche doesn’t have to be intimidating and daunting. In fact, it should be a fun project - and one based on several criteria – the first being that you have a distinct interest in the niche.

Too many newbies come online and the way they pick a niche is no better than playing pin the tail on the donkey. If they hear a successful marketer mention a topic, they jump on it – without ever looking to see if it’s right for them.

You should be excited about delving in to one or more of the things you love best for the business you’re about to create. Never choose a niche because someone told you the money is good and fast.

It will backfire on you if you’re just not interested. Another criterion for choosing a niche is that it has profit potential. You won’t be interested in building a business that doesn’t have any potential for financial success.

Still, you have to look for the niche that interests you – and there’s plenty of those out there for everyone. Keep in mind that the niche you choose will be the one you’ll invest thousands of hours and some hard-earned money into and you’ll have to learn some strategies along the way.

Research is the only way to choose an interesting and profitable niche and there’s lots of online help you can use. Keyword research (for volume) is one of the best ways to see how many people are interested in your topic and searching for it using search engines.

Compare various topics to better measure their popularity. Wordtracker is a good and easy-to-use tool that can give you all of the information that you need about topic popularity.

Wordtracker also has a program called “Keyword Universe,” which is a tool designed to search the ‘net for keywords related to your main topic. It can show you a list of other words you may want to use and also tell you the count of searches.

You may see other niches you could either use to branch out or to change your original keyword because of popularity. It helps you pick a slant, too – where you can dig down a bit deeper in a niche and dominate it.

Besides keyword research, spend some time surfing the ‘net and finding out how and what others are doing in similar niches. Don’t be turned off if you find there’s a lot of competition.

That simply means that a ton of people are interested in the niche and the marketers are making money. Make sure you avoid hyped-up sales pitches that promise tons of cash can be made overnight.

If you’re building a business that you want to last and prosper, you’ll want to choose a niche that you can branch out into wider markets and where there’s plenty of potential to narrow the market, also.

This means there are ample amounts of consumers for you to sell to, and a ton of different product slants you can develop. Dieting, for example, is a broad niche, but then you can target men or women, age groups, special circumstances like post pregnancy, and types of diets such as low carb, fasting, or calorie counting.

Whatever you do, don’t worry about making a mistake in picking your niche. Most marketers have gone into and abandoned a few niches before they find the one that makes them satisfied – and puts cash in their bank account.

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