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Don’t Be Stingy with Promo Planning

Don’t Be Stingy with Promo Planning

One of the worst things you can do in your state of desperation is to rush things. But this happens all the time, and newbie marketers wonder why no one will promote their products for them.

A good promotion plan can mean huge monetary success to your online business. The first rule of promotion planning is – start early! Give yourself at least four weeks to plan and prepare – more if feasible.

Announce it to your JVs and affiliates so they can schedule, too. Depending on their time and efforts, they can create bonuses which will spur you on to even greater success.

And customers can plan for the promotion by setting aside some cash. Even small amounts are hard for some people, but if they want your product, they’ll save up for it over the course of a couple of weeks or a month.

You’ll want to build some enthusiasm for the promotion among everyone. Announce it on social media, blogs and any way you can to create some excitement among those who will likely provide the best results.

A little research of those who might benefit from your promotion is necessary to make sure you have a good idea of how many sales you might reap. Look for blogs and websites that offer similar products to yours.

Spend some time planning the promotion so it will be a huge success. Among the issues you need to remember are things like knowing your target audience. Existing customers (those on your list) are always a must.

They know you and are familiar with your products and are loyal. Other marketers who have similar audiences should also be informed about your promotion so they, too, can build excitement among their own lists.

Know your objectives. Pleasing your audience with a quality offering should be first on your list – not seeing how much cash you can rake in with whatever you slap up for sale.

If you do it with quality in mind, then the money and future customer loyalty will come. Offer a great and informative product for a reasonable price. Think about what your strategies will be.

Are you planning to promote on social media, with affiliates, JV partners, website, videos, webinars, podcasts or interviews? Will you have a commission contest? They’re all great ways to create anticipation for your promotion, but you need to assess how much time and effort to put into each or all of these that will be most advantageous to your promotion.

How are you going to put your promotion into action? This part of your promotion planning takes organization. Develop timelines (that should be met at all cost) for each part of your promotion and stick to them.

You can’t tell affiliates and JV partners that you plan to launch one day and then the day before, flake out on them and delay it for a few weeks. People have schedules for when they promote others, and if you’re lucky enough to be on it, you should respect their time.

A promotion plan should be carefully and extravagantly laid out so that you know every aspect of it and when it will launch. You’re offering a vision that you created to your audience and you want to give it every chance of succeeding – both for you, others involved in the promotion, and especially for your customers.

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