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Change These Components When Rebranding or Rewriting Your PLR

Change These Components When Rebranding/Rewriting Your PLR

Private label rights (PLR) content is also known as ‘done for you’ content. That said, it’s important to know that just because the product is done for you, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything.

What’s most important here is that the heavy lifting is done (the writing). The written content is the core of your product and it’s what matters the most. Everything else is secondary.

This is why the best PLR sellers are few and far between. Their written content is sterling.

Once you’ve established that the writing is something you’re glad to put your name to, you’ll need to change a few components in the PLR package to differentiate it from the original product. You want your product to be unique in the marketplace.

Title / Product Name

Change the title of your eBook and/or report that came with the package. This is a crucial step.

If people Google searched the name of your product, PLR products should NOT show up. Only your book should… and maybe one or two other unrelated books that might coincidentally have the same title as yours.


Change all graphics from the ecovers to the sales page images. You can do it yourself if you’re proficient at graphic design.

If you’re not good at graphics, don’t even try. You’d spend hours creating something so hideous even Freddy Krueger would have nightmares about it.

Hire a professional graphic designer on Fiverr or Google search for ‘cheap minisite design’ and use someone from the results that show up.

Insert author name & photo

Insert your author name & photo in the book. It should be found at the bottom of each page. It could be a pen name or stock photo. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they’re there.

Sales page

Add your name at the bottom of the sales page, or use your pen name. Replace all the sales page images with the new images you’ve created.

All you need to do is name your new files the same as the old ones and copy and paste. The new files will overwrite the old files and all images will now be new.

(Remember to tell your graphic designer to use the same dimensions and file formats as the old image when creating the new ones. This will allow the new images to fit in perfectly with the old set up.)

Opinions of PLR creator

Sometimes PLR sellers insert their own opinions in the content. For example, they may say, ‘I’ve tested and proven that the keto diet works best with intermittent fasting.’

The moment you see the word ‘I’ in a PLR article, it’s an opinion of the writer. Do you share the same opinion?

If you don’t, remove it from the content. If you agree with the opinion, you can leave it there.

Links that don’t serve you

Sometimes PLR vendors leave links in the content that point to their own products or products that they’re affiliated with.

Find a way to make these links serve you. Maybe you can become an affiliate for their products or for the products they’re promoting. You’ll then need to change their links by replacing them with yours so you get the sale.

Sales copy

Always change the headline of your sales copy so it’s nothing like the one that came with the PLR bundle.

If you have experience with copywriting, you can always write a new sales page from scratch, or you can rewrite the sales copy provided with the PLR bundle.

Most PLR sales copy can be improved upon. Spend some time here creating the best sales copy you can. It’s crucial for getting you sales and improving conversions.

In conclusion…

Always remember that despite the hassle of changing the components, it’s something that you must do if you wish to get the best out of your PLR content.

So many PLR buyers believe that all they need to do is just buy the PLR content and copy and paste it mindlessly and their job is done. They never truly make the PLR their own… and that’s where the magic is.

Treat PLR like a piece of ‘content clay’ which you twist and mould to create products that are unique to you. The products will still be made of clay, but what you create will be unique.

That’s exactly what PLR is.

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