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Bundle Marketing Blueprint Step 6: Expand Your Profits

At this point, you’ve got a great event planned and ready to go. Now, in order to make this event more successful (and profitable) for everyone, you’ll want to check out these tips for optimizing the B.U.N.D.L.E. strategy…

Start Small

If this is your first bundle event, then you may want to start small (with a limited number of partners). That’s because a good bundle event does require you to stay organized, remind partners of deadlines, compile submissions (on your sales page and delivery page) and so on.

If you’re doing this for the first time, especially if you have a limited amount of time to complete these tasks due to other commitments (such as full-time job), then start small. Your first bundle event will give you way to find out how long it will take you to handle all the administrative tasks, plus you’ll get to refine your process with a small project, and then apply what you’ve learned to a larger project.

Stay Organized

As mentioned, you need to stay on top of this project and stay organized. You’re going to need to be organized in the following ways:

· Keep track of the potential partners you want to contact.

· Research potential partners and discard from your list those that don’t meet your qualifications.

· Take note of which partners have sent their contributions, sales copy and bios (and which ones need individual reminders about these three pieces).

· Edit sales copy and bios as needed.

· Be sure you have all the pieces in place (promos, sales page, download page, and so on).

· Remind partners of upcoming deadlines, including reminders of when they should be sending out their pre-launch emails.

In order to make this as easy as possible on you, you’ll want to create a calendar of all the important dates. Then you need to set reminders so that you can touch base with your participants about these dates as needed. Chances are, you already have this sort of calendar app on your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

Secondly, you’ll want to use the checklist that’s included in the bonuses with this package. As soon you know the dates for your event, then assign deadlines to each task in the checklist so that you stay on track.

TIP: Build a cushion into your deadlines. For example, if the last possible date to have the sales letter done is the 15th of each month, then put your actual deadline as the 12th or even the 10th of that month. That way, you’ve got a built-in cushion just in case something happens (such as a freelancer misses a deadline, or you fall ill).


Encourage Your Partners

One of the keys to a successful bundle event is to make sure all your partners promote it. When everyone promotes it, then everyone does well. And when all your partners do well, they’re more likely to work with you in the future.

So, with that end in mind, there are two things you’ll want to do to encourage your partners. Check them out…

Encourage Your Partners to Make the Most of the Event

As mentioned earlier, some of your partners may not take advantage of giving their products to customers in exchange for an email address. Still others may not have their backend fully monetized (e.g., they may not have links embedded in their products).

One of your jobs is to make sure that partners are fully informed on the different ways they can make money with the event. As such, you’ll want to encourage them to build their lists AND include backend offers. You want them to do well, you want them to have a good experience working with you. Happy partners will say “yes” to your next bundle event – or any other joint venture you propose.

NOTE: You may even offer some training to your partners, such as a video or short report, on how to make the most of the event.

For example, the customers are likely going to join several of your partners’ lists in order to claim products. That means that customers are going to start getting a whole lot of emails. You can offer your partners training on how to create an email series that engages customers, builds relationships, and sells additional related products.


Encourage Your Partners to Promote

The more exposure your event gets, the more sales you make, the more successful and profitable it will be for both you and your partners. That’s why you’ll want to encourage and remind your partners several times about promoting the offer.

Now, you may have made it one of the terms or requirements of the partner agreement that all partners MUST promote the offer. However, some partners will do the bare minimum, such as emailing their list once and telling their Facebook followers about the offer just once.

That meets the requirement as outlined in the terms, but a single email or post isn’t going to be as successful as multiple emails or posts. That’s why you’ll want to encourage partners to promote multiple times.

Here are some ideas for ways to get partners to send multiple emails:

· Give them the tools they need to make it easy. In other words, create at least one good email series that they can use to promote the offer. Even better is if you create multiple email series to accommodate your partners’ different needs. For example, you might create a five-part series, a three-part series and a two-part series. That way, partners can choose the series that best fits in their publishing series.

· Share the benefits of promoting multiple times. Let them know they’ll make more sales if they use the three or five-part autoresponder series. If you have any data to back this up (including conversion numbers from past bundle events or other products), share this data as proof that sending a series is much better than promoting one time.

· Start an affiliate contest. In other words, make it worth it for partners and other affiliates to promote hard. The way to do this is by offering attractive cash prizes to the top five or so affiliates.

Now another related tip for expanding your profits…

Stay in Contact With Partners After the Event

Some bundle organizers make the mistake of dropping all content with their partners… at least until the next time they decide they need a joint venture partner. This is a mistake. You don’t want to contact your partners only when you need something.

Instead, what you want to do is keep in touch with your partners, continue to build relationships, and continue working with the in other capacities.

To that end, here are the types of emails you might send after the event:

· Heartfelt thank you email. Immediately after the event, send all your partners a personal email thanking them for participating. While you can send this email via your autoresponder, it’s better if you send these emails individually (with personalized notes to each partner).

· An email asking how you can help your partners. Your partners just got done doing a big favor for you. Now you’ll want to ask them how you can help them grow their businesses. You may even give them examples, such as asking them what existing or upcoming products you can help them promote.

Note: again, this is a case where you may want to send these emails individually, so that you can write personal notes to each partner.

Just be sure you’re not sending out empty offers to help. In other words, you need to follow through and actually help partners in their requested ways. You may want to stagger these emails so that you aren’t inundated with dozens of requests all at once.

· Personal emails just touching base. Again, these aren’t autoresponder emails, but rather emails you send individually. The idea here is to send out emails to work on developing relationships. E.G., “I saw on your Facebook page that you’re running a marathon this weekend – I wanted to drop you a line a wish you good luck!”

· Emails proposing smaller joint ventures. For example, you might invite a partner to co-host a webinar with you. Or you might even ask to interview the partner (and promote their product at the end using your affiliate link).

Point is, stay in touch to build relationships and help your partners since they helped you. Then the next time you want to do a bundle event or any other joint venture, your partners are more likely to say yes. As your grow your list of dependable partners, your business will grow by leaps and bounds too!

Install Additional Revenue Streams

In order to expand your profits on this event, you’ll want to be sure to make the most of it. This includes the following ideas:

· Capture prospect emails on your site. One way to do this is to set up an exit redirect, where those who’re leaving the site see a pop-up window offering them an enticing lead magnet in exchange for their email address. Once you’ve captured these prospects onto your mailing list, you can then follow up with them to persuade them to buy the bundle (as well as promote additional offers in the future).

· Craft a follow-up email series for customers. This allows you to build good relationships and sell additional products on the backend the hands-free way.

· Create an order-form upsell. You might create a one-time offer where customers can purchase one of your products or services at a reduced rate, or you might simply recommend a related product.

Here’s an example one-time offer: if you usually charge $500 for coaching, you might offer your coaching at a reduced rate (such as $400, $350 or some other figure). This is a one-time offer because customers can ONLY get this good rate if they order at the same time they’re purchasing the bundle.

Alternatively, you may simply offer a related product at a good price, but it’s not necessarily a one-time offer. This means you might make this offer on the order form, but you might also offer it again in a follow-up email.

For example, you might offer a coaching upsell for $400. It’s a good deal, but it’s not a one-time offer, as customers who don’t purchase the upsell will see this offer again in a few days in their email.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how to make your bundle event as profitable as possible. To learn more about some of these ideas, plus to discover even more ways to profit from your event, check out the bonus included with this manual!

Next idea…

Put a Countdown Timer on Your Sales Page

If you want to create some urgency to further boost your conversions, then put a countdown timer on your sales page. You’ll use this timer in two ways:

1. Count down to the launch of the offer. Here you’ll put the timer on your preview sales page in the week or so leading up to the launch. The idea is to build anticipation for the launch, and let visitors know at a glance how long it is until the offer goes live.

2. Count down to when the offer ends. Once your actual sales page is up, then you can install a countdown timer showing how long until the offer ends. This creates a visual representation of the scarcity of the offer, which tends to be a strong motivator to get people clicking on the order button.


Turn Your Content into Templates

Once you put on one bundle event and see your great results, you’re going to want to put on other bundle events too. Fortunately, it just gets easier to put on additional bundle events, since you can reuse and repurpose quite a bit of your content and other materials.

For example:

· Research. You only have to do your partner research once, and then you can reuse this list the next time you want to recruit partners.

For example: If your first bundle event is on the smaller side (e.g., perhaps you have 20 or so partners), then you probably have a lot of potential partners still on your list. For your next even, you can re-invite all your previous partners, PLUS invite new partners who made it on your “good potential partners” list (but didn’t get an invite to the first event).

Which brings us to the next point…

· Recruiting emails. You can use the same recruiting emails in your subsequent events as you used in your first event. Just swap out the names and other details as needed.

· Reminders. Another set of emails you’ll end up creating are your reminder emails, such as when you send reminders to partners about submission deadlines, when they should start promoting, and so on. You can reuse these emails in future events: again, just swap out the dates and other details as needed.

· Customer service emails. If you have a successful event, then you’re likely to get a good number of customer service inquiries. You can turn some of these inquiries into templates and others into part of a frequently asked questions document.

For example, you might create a FAQ based on questions people submitted about accessing the bundle.

Another example: you can create a template email to address refund requests or similar.

· Swipes/promos. If your promos created good results for you and your partners, then you can re-purpose them for the next event. Again, just change the relevant details as needed.

· Sales letter. If your sales letter pulled a good conversion rate, then you’ll want to use its basic structure for your next event. Just tweak to reflect the new details, while largely keeping the same content (such as the headline, P.S., call to action, opener and so on).

In short, you’re going to be creating a lot of content for your first bundle event, so be sure to hang onto all of this content so that you can reuse it for future events.

Whew! You just discovered how you can turn a bundle event into a magnificent success by using the B.U.N.D.L.E. strategy. The bottom line is that this is a proven strategy that can help you make a lot of money, build your list and forge strong ties with others in your niche. That’s why you want to take what you’ve learned and start planning your event today!

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