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Advanced Affiliate Tactics

Advanced Affiliate Tactics

Today you’re going to learn some of the different tactics super affiliates use to really pull in the big bucks!

Webinars have become one of the most popular ways to promote products, and with very good reason.

They work!

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you decide to use this method.

A webinar will always be more effective if the product creator is in attendance.

You will need to ask the product owner if they’re willing to do a webinar with you, schedule a time that you, the product owner, and your attendees can live with...

and you need to be sure you have enough traffic to ensure a decent number of attendees to your webinar.

You can’t expect the product owner to send traffic to your webinar, because they could just hold their own.

You must provide your own traffic.

Also, you’ll want to be sure to use webinar software that can support the number of attendees you anticipate having.

Don’t use non-reputable solutions.

If participants get disconnected, can’t connect at all, or suffer stutters and other problems, your webinar will be useless.

Another way to increase your affiliate income?

Create your own product.

This is one of the biggest things you can do to increase your own income, because you can have other people promote your product instead of the other way around, and also because you can get all those buyers onto your email list, allowing you to promote products to them as an affiliate.

Having your own product also gives you more credibility in your niche, as well as giving you a product you can later offer as a bonus when you promote products as an affiliate.

If you don’t have the skills to create your own product, you can consider using PLR or outsourcing.

Product creation really isn’t that expensive these days, and you should be able to earn your money back relatively quickly with just a few affiliates promoting you.

Super affiliates almost always have at least one product of their own, because they know this is the best way to build a list quickly.

If you offer 100% commissions, you will probably have no trouble finding affiliates.

You can always make your money on the back end, either with an upsell or by promoting affiliate products.

Remember, reputation is everything, so always keep working on building yours.

Never do anything that could hurt that reputation, and before long you’ll be a super affiliate!

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