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Action Taking vs. Info Gathering

Action Taking vs. Info Gathering

There comes a time when you really have to just start taking more action. You can’t read, study, watch, and learn for the rest of your life if you want to be truly successful.

That might seem obvious on the surface, but is it, really?

If you’re caught constantly learning, there’s never room for taking action. There are only so many hours in a day, right? It’s really important to pay attention to how you spend those hours.

Now, I’m not saying that you should never spend time learning. There’s a lot of value in studying and learning from others. You’ll find a lot of shortcuts and get to where you want to be much more quickly if you spend time learning.

It’s just important to have a happy balance. Dedicate some of your time to learning, especially in the beginning. Otherwise, it’s really practice that makes perfect. You’ll reach a certain point where your time is much better spent practicing, trying, and testing than it is gathering even more information on whatever it is you’re trying to do.

How to Learn In the Beginning

Your longest period of learning is going to come in the beginning. In the beginning, everything is kind of stressful and confusing. You’re excited, sure, but there are all these moving parts. You wish you could just skip to the end.

So, you start to learn and study. You buy different products, books, and more. You find mentors and read blogs and do everything you can to learn.

Slowly, it starts to make sense. If you’re in this stage right now, I promise it will start to get better. Focus on what you need to learn to get started and know that you don’t have to know absolutely everything there is to know right now. Learn just enough so you can start to take action.

Just be careful—a huge part of this is focus. If you focus, stick to it, and take action, it will all pay off for you. But, if you learn one thing and then start learning another thing, and then drop both of those things to learn yet another thing… you’re never going to get anywhere.

Learn what you have to learn in order to take action. Don’t just learn for the sake of learning.

How to Practice In the Beginning

If you’ve been learning your business up to this point but haven’t yet taken action, now’s the time to get started. Whether you’ve been in learning mode for a very short time or you’ve been learning and not taking action for years, it’s time to reclaim your success.

It’s so important to practice and implement while you learn. Learn a little and then practice a little. Learn a little and then practice a little.

A huge part of your learning will come from actually practicing. There are some things you just can’t learn from anyone else. Even if you’re fearful in the beginning, and you might be—just do it.

It’s only once you start taking action that you’ll know what you don’t know. Does that make sense?

Think about it—it’s something a lot of people don’t understand in the beginning. But, once you start taking action, you’ll find the holes in your learning. You can then start to fill in the holes in your own knowledge because now you now what you don’t know.

Gathering the Right Kind of Information

Another part of being able to focus your learning so you can take action is being able to gather the right kind of information.

First, you have to make sure that you’re only learning about things that directly relate to your goals and your success.

It’s also important to zero in on the most relevant information. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re trying to learn, there will be some general information on your topic that’s relevant to you and some that isn’t.

Maybe you’ll learn just about everything you need to know about your topic over time. But for now, you just need to know enough to take action.

Learn to filter through learning material. Focus yourself. Learn to skim for information.

You don’t have to read, study, and learn everything you come across just because it’s loosely related. Focus on what’s most relevant for you right now.

Please realize that you’re not taking shortcuts when you don’t read absolutely everything. Yes, it ‘s going to take less time to learn. But, you’ll be more efficient and you’ll become even more of an expert on what it is that you’re directly studying and practicing right now.

Keeping Your Focus

I’ve mentioned focus a few times now because it’s so important. Keep your focus. Don’t float from one topic to another.

Choose what you want to learn and learn it. Take action on it. Rinse and repeat.

If you keep your focus and follow through, you can achieve your dreams.

Taking Action

Taking action is what’s going to lead you to success. Sure, learning is important. You’ll be a lifelong learner. But it’s taking action that’s going to lead to the big and important changes.

Take action, even if you’re scared and feel like you don’t know “everything” right now. Remember that you’ll never know all there is to know.

Take action, take action, take action.

Those Who Take Action Are the Ones Who Succeed

If you examine the lives, patterns, and successes of those who are truly successful, you’ll realize that they all have something in common—they take action.

If you take action, you can be successful, too.

The Difference Between Info-Gathering And Action Taking Is…

Hopefully, you now understand the difference between info-gathering and action taking. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about whether you’re just gathering information and jumping around with what you’re doing or if you’re combining learning and taking action.

This is one of the most important secrets to success, so please take it to heart. Pay attention to how you do things and what you can improve. Take more action and learn as you go—you can’t fail when you do that and honestly and truly focus.

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