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31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 1 - Pick a Niche

31 Days to Profitable Packages: Day 1- Pick a Niche

First things first: before you can start planning a single piece of content for your profitable package, you need to know who you’ll be selling this package to. In other words, what niche?

You may already have a niche in mind. Maybe you’re already working in this niche. If so, great! But if not, then please review this lesson carefully and follow the steps below in order to pick your niche.

This step is actually composed of two major steps:

1. Create a list of potential niches.

2. Research these niches to find out which ones are profitable.

Let’s start with that first step…

Step 1: Create a List of Potential Niches

If you don’t already have some potential niches in mind, then your first step is to develop a list. Here’s how:

Brainstorm Potential Niches

Here you think about your own hobbies and challenges. List everything you can think of, from losing weight to scuba diving to restoring cars to back pain (and absolutely everything in between). Think about:

· Your favorite things to do.

· Biggest problems.

· Tasks you wish were easier.

· Where you spend your disposable income.

· Places you like to visit (vacation).

· Things you like to do on vacation.

· Things you like to read about (books, blogs, etc.).

· DIY jobs that you know how to do.

· Things people ask you for advice about.

And similar topics – list everything you can think of, and then move onto the next step…

Pay Attention to Discover Niches

Now look around to come up with other niche ideas. This includes:

· Looking at your friends’ and family members’ hobbies and challenges.

· Taking note of what’s popular on social media.

· Watching/reading the news for ideas.


Use Keyword Tools

Still another way to get ideas is by using a keyword tool (like,, or your favorite tool). The idea here is to enter a partial search and see what sort of niche ideas come up.

Here are example partial searches:

· How to

· Secrets of

· Get rid of

· Naturally

· Tips

· Articles

· Ebooks

· Reports

· Step by step

· Easy

· Fast

Now the next step…

Step 2: Research These Niches

Now it’s time to whittle down that big list of potential niches by discovering which ones look to be the most promising and profitable. To do this, you’re going to research each niche (or at least those that interest you the most) to see if there is a big market and big demand.

Here’s how:

· Search marketplaces for keywords. For example, search for “organic gardening” on sites like and Look for a lot of products being sold by a lot of vendors.

· Run a Google search for the keywords. Again, look for a lot of websites selling a lot of different products and services to the niche.

· Check for niche publications. For example, does your niche have its own magazine (such as Dog Fancy for dog lovers)?

· Check Google Trends. Are there are a lot of searches in the niche over time?

· Look at social media. Can you find things like Facebook groups and Reddit subreddits on the topic?

· See where members of the niche congregate. Can you find them on forums, blogs and other communities?

· Use keyword tools. Do a LOT of people search for information in the niche every day?

· Look offline. Are there stores and organizations devoted to the market?

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to brainstorm and then research markets. Look for smaller sub-markets (niches) that look profitable. For example, “dog training” is a big market, but something like Poodle training is a smaller niche that may be big enough and profitable enough. Check: does the smaller niche still garner a lot of keyword searches and product sales? If so, that’s a potential niche for you.

Select a niche that not only looks profitable, but also one that interests you (and ideally one that you know something about). Then hang onto all your research, because you’re going to take another look at it tomorrow!

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