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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 3 - Create an Awesome Name for Your Site

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 3 - Create an Awesome Name for Your Site

Your next step is to create a descriptive yet memorable name for your membership site. Ideally, you’ll want to have these two things in your name:


· Some indication of the niche/topic.

For example, “Dog Training PLR” meets the qualifications of letting prospects know the niche and know that they’ll get PLR inside the membership site. However, the name isn’t very exciting. So, we might make it more compelling by combining the word “dog” with the word “fantastic” to create “Dogtastic PLR.” This name still tells people what the site is about, yet it’s also a more memorable and brandable name. (Which helps you stand out from the competition.)

Now it’s time for you to create something similar. What I suggest you do is start brainstorming your niche words alongside other words that you can combine with it to create something memorable.

Here are a few general words that will work across a variety of niches:

· Awesome. E.G., Dogsome.

· Fantastic. E.G., Dogtastic.

· Amazing. E.G., Dogmazing.

You can combine words academic-sounding endings and other words, like so:

· -osophy. E.G., Dogosophy.

· -ology. E.G., Dogology.

· -ster. E.G., Dogster (which is a popular site, by the way).

You can then brainstorm words specific to your niche. For example, if you’re in a marketing niche, you might try combining words such as:

· Cash/money.

· Sales/selling.

· Millionaire.

· Buy.

E.G., the “Membernaire” example I gave you previously.

Another example might be Trafficash (combines “traffic” and “cash”). I’ve done something similar with my “Businessentials” course, which is combination of “Business” and “Essentials.”

So, what you do is look for two words in your niche where the ending of one word is similar to the beginning of the other (as in the examples above).

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to set aside the day to brainstorm as many possible names as you can think of. Then choose the one that seems to be the most memorable, brandable, and unique. If you’re not sure which one is best, ask a few trusted friends for their opinions. Just be sure to do this privately, because you don’t want to do this publicly and risk losing a good name.

Finally, be sure to research your name to be sure it’s not currently in use elsewhere. You may also run a trademark search to be sure you’re not using anyone’s registered mark as your name.

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