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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 21 - How to Create Premium, High-Value PLR Content

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 21 - How to Create Premium, High-Value PLR Content

You want your PLR buyers to see your content as really valuable. And likewise, you want their customers to also see the content as valuable. As mentioned throughout this guide, creating high-quality content is the first step to creating a valuable package…. But that’s not the only way to do it. Read on to discover five other ways to boost the value of your content…

Share Advanced Information

Any time you share advanced or even intermediate information in your content, you raise the perceived value of it. This means your PLR buyers may be willing to pay a higher price for it, plus their buyers will also be willing to pay a premium.

Offer Tools

One really great way to boost the value of an information product is to insert tools into it that will help the end user achieve a goal faster or easier. These tools can take many forms, including:

· Checklists

· Worksheets

· Planners

· Templates

· Swipes

· Spreadsheets

· Gear/resource lists

And similar items.

For example, if you’re selling a PLR report on the topic of online marketing, you might include an advertising budgeting worksheet to help people figure out how much to invest in advertising.

Another example: if you’re selling a course on how to travel on a budget, you might include a packing checklist.

In addition to raising the perceived value of your content, good tools also provide another benefit: they get the end user to look at the content repeatedly. For example, if you provide a set of email marketing checklists, you can bet users are going to refer to them again and again. In turn, this means they’ll see the links and calls to action again and again.

Insert Graphics

Plain text may be valuable when you’re sharing how-to information, but readers will tend to value it even more if it includes graphics and a professional layout. Simply put, a well-polished end product looks like it’s worth more money than a plain text product.

Consider How You Label the Content

If your membership site includes items such as ebooks and articles, then you’ll want to reconsider how you label these items. That’s because everyone seems to be selling PLR “articles” and “ebooks,” and often for a dime a dozen. It’s gotten to the point where people assume the content is low value if it’s an article or ebook.

So, what can you do instead? Give these pieces of content names that carry a higher perceived value. For example, instead of calling an ebook an ebook, you can refer to it using one of the following names:

· Guide

· Blueprint

· System

· Formula

· Special report


Provide Bonuses

We’ve talked about providing bonuses for your customers (the people who purchase your PLR). If you’re selling PLR content that can be turned into a paid product, then you’ll want to consider offering bonuses to go along with that product. This increases the value of your offer for PLR buyers (who don’t have to create their own bonuses), plus it also boosts the value of the product for the end users.

For example, if you’re selling a weight-loss course, then you might include a package of meal plans and recipes as a bonus.

TODAY’S TASK: Your job today is to finish up the main content for your membership’s first month of materials.

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