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31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 18 - How to Create Content the Readers Will Love

31 Days to Profitable Membership Sites: Day 18 - How to Create Content the Readers Will Love

Today we’re continuing with creating the materials for your first month, plus you’re also going to get more tips for creating high-quality, engaging content that the end users are sure to love. Specifically, we’re going to look at how inserting elements such as tips, examples and stories will make your content better.

Let’s take a look at some of these elements separately…


Tips really add a lot of value to your content. For example, if you’re creating a weight-loss report, you might offer tips for ingredient substitutions to make “regular” recipes more healthy.


Sharing a good example is a great way to make a complex subject easier to understand for the reader.

For example, telling aspiring copywriters to evoke curiosity in their headlines may not mean too much to them. But when you show them an example of a curiosity-driven headline, the content makes much more sense.

For another example of how this works, just take a look at the numerous examples I’ve provided to you throughout this guide. J


A template goes a step beyond an example and provides a tool that the reader can use to complete a process.

Let’s stick with the example of curiosity-driven headline. You might provide a few templates that readers can use to create their own curiosity-driven headlines. E.G., “The Secrets of ________________.”


Since you’re creating PLR content, you want to be careful about what sort of stories you tell. Specifically, don’t share stories with identifying information, and don’t make the stories from your point of view. If you do these things, your PLR buyers are going to have to rewrite the content.

Instead, tell more generic stories or even stories about well-known people to make a point. For example, if you’re sharing dog-training information, you might share a cautionary tale about working with aggressive dogs, and then tell a story or two about how Cesar Millan (the “Dog Whisperer”) got bit.

Case Studies/Experiments

Still another way to engage readers and add value to your content is by sharing a case study. Once again, don’t make this case study about you, or your PLR buyers are going to need to rewrite the content. Instead, use more a generic case study or experiment format, where you simply tell what happened.

For example, you might share a case study of how tweaking a headline in a certain way increased conversions across three sales letters in three different niches.


People love lists, whether it’s a list of tips, a resource/gear list or something else. For example, if you’re teaching people how to set up a business website, you might provide a gear list that shares recommendations for things like payment processors, autoresponders, membership plugins and more.

TIP: This is also a good place to insert your links, though once again keep in mind that many of your PLR buyers are likely to swap them out with their own links. Whenever possible, promote your own offers and let buyers know how to get their affiliate link for your offer.


One more item you can share with readers is the mistakes they need to avoid when completing a process. You can combine this element with a story to create a really powerful reminder of what not to do.

TODAY’S TASK: Your task today is to continue working on creating the main content for your first month of materials. Be sure to take into consideration everything we’ve talked about in this guide with regards to creating high-quality content.

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