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Exercises to Help You Develop New Product and Business Ideas

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

As a businessperson, you’re probably tasked with coming up with new ideas on a frequent basis. If you feel like you’re always running out of ideas, I have a solution for you. As always, the tips found throughout this book can help you with whatever you need. But I’ve included specific tips to help you generate new ideas whenever you need to.

You’re always trying to solve your customer and client needs. You need to understand where they are coming from. If you’re trying to come up with new product ideas, you can brainstorm all the problems and needs you’ve ever had in life or business. What problems have you had that you couldn’t seem to easily move past? Your own struggles and desires are great inspiration for new business ideas.

After you’ve brainstormed problems and desires, search the web to find solutions and current products that address the issue. Take notes on everything you find. Save articles, pages, and products you find particularly interesting.

Then, you can study forum posts, blog posts, and posts on social media for related commentary and additional problems or desires people have. This will help you pay attention to trends to figure out what’s hot and popular in your marketplace. Of course, the exact problem or solution you focus on will depend on the market you’re in.

Now that you have a better understanding of the problem or desire, brainstorm what you know about the topic that no one else knows. This will help you come up with a new twist that will instantly make waves in the marketplace.

Read, research, and take copious notes on everything you find. One thing should lead to another–you’ll brainstorm, then seek additional information-- always keeping your audience base at the top of your mind. Make sure you know enough about your audience to create something that will blow them away. Find demographic information about them and hang out where they hang out online so you can get an intimate feel for what they want and need.

Next, it’s time to outline your ideas. Find facts and figures to pad your ideas and look for angles no one else has found. Add in your unique take on the problem or desire, and you’ll have a wonderful product idea every single time. Follow through with this anytime you are stuck, and you’ll be able to bust through every time.

An Exercise to Get out of Any Rut You’re In

If you’re stuck in a rut, it can be really hard to follow through on any creative idea. Whether you are in a rut in life or in business, it seems impossible to get out. As a first step, consider journaling why you’re in a rut. What are your feelings surrounding this experience? What can’t you do that you wish you could do? Sort out your feelings and you’ll be in a much better position to move forward.

What does the rut look like for you? Draw what the rut is–create a symbol for it. Let your imagination lead you–or your feelings in the drawing. Then, crumble up the drawing and throw it away–or even burn it. Don’t give it any power over you now that it has form. Sounds silly, I know… but the activity will make you smile and you’ll feel more powerful. Just try it.

Next, get out a piece of paper, draw 5 bubbles, and list one reason you’re in a rut in each bubble.

Then, draw 2 spokes from each bubble. On the spokes, brainstorm ways you’re going to get out of your rut.

You can also write a narrative about what getting out of the rut really means to you and what it looks like. Paint a picture for yourself of what your life looks like after you’ve gotten out of it.

Follow through on the ideas in this book and you’re 100% guaranteed to get out of your rut and to never get stuck in one again.

Exercises to Generate More Income This Month

You’re in business, so the chances are good that you have at least some control over your earnings. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, it’s about increasing your value in the marketplace. You want to be irreplaceable and stand out from the competition.

First, determine how much more you would like to earn this month. What is your line of work? Brainstorm what others in your line of work and related fields do to earn more and consider what you might do as well.

If you’re an Internet marketer, brainstorm new products you can release or things you can do to bring extra income in. You can create a new product, sell products you own with private label rights, offer business coaching, and more.

I have a fantastic book for Internet marketers called Week One Profits that will help you earn money before the week is out–it’s a great book for people who are new to Internet marketing as well.

Or, maybe you’re sick of your day-to-day life, and you just want to earn extra money on the side–with something that is totally unrelated to your day job. You can freelance, write for Kindle, do yard work, or take on a part time job. Do something out of your comfort zone that brings in extra money and helps boost your creativity while giving you more experiences at the same time.

If you have a boss, know that you now bring a lot more to the table. Your creative skills are better than that of anyone else in your office. Use this as a reason to negotiate with your boss for more money. Prove yourself first, make your case, and there will be no reason for your boss to turn you down.

If you’re your own boss, it’s time to negotiate with yourself. Are you as productive as you could be? Are you coming up with ideas that are good enough to set you apart in the marketplace? If not, it’s time to give yourself a raise. Dedicate yourself to boosting your income with your new passion for creativity, and you can quickly become successful.

Exercise to Get Creative about Problems in Business

Hopefully, whether you’re an independent worker or you work with a team, you’re now convinced that you can’t work in a vacuum. If you’re stuck with a problem in business, other people can help you get out. If you work with others, do this exercise with them. If you don’t, do this exercise with those in your mastermind group.

Give each person a paper with 5 circles on it. Explain the problem to them in 5 minutes or less. Have each person write the problem down in his or her own words at the top of the paper with no additional input from you. Then have them think of 5 single words that relate to the problem-- one word should go in each bubble.

Then have them brainstorm 2 solutions to each single word attribute of the problem.

People should then share their solutions, offering you plenty of creative fodder to get out of whatever problem you have.

Exercises to Get Creative about Problems in Life

All of the exercises in this book can help you get creative about the problems in your life. Make sure you actually follow through with them. Don’t just read this material, nod your head in agreement, and then ignore what it teaches. Actually implement the ideas and you’ll instantly be more creative about anything that comes your way.

Part of this is always stepping outside of your comfort zone, while paying attention to your natural traits as well. Always seek out new experiences and new connections with people and ideas in the world. This will give you something to draw from whenever a problem comes your way.

One reason people seem to find problems in their life they can’t seem to get away from is because they’re in ill health. We’ve already talked about the importance of eating right. But, you should also do an honest assessment of yourself.

Do you constantly feel anxious or depressed? Do you feel unable to move forward in your life or in your business? If so, then it may be time to take steps to correct that anxiety or depression. Seek the help of a doctor or naturopath to get the help you need. Once you are healthy in body and mind, you’ll be able to address any problem in your life head on.

You should also make sure you have a solid set of goals and a plan from which to meet those goals. It always surprises me how few businesspeople have an actual plan to follow. They only have a vague idea of the goals they want to meet, and no real way of getting there.

Take the time to write down your goals and revisit them every day. Many of the most successful people rewrite their goals every day. This keeps them at the top of your mind, and you’ll find yourself naturally meeting those goals. Create a business plan as well, and you’ll have a roadmap to get there.

Goal setting and business planning may not seem like very creative activities. As always, though, you can get creative about these things. Even the most creative people need these solid, logical steps to follow so their mind can be open to more creative ideas instead of being worried about what they’re doing next.

Giving Your Ideas Power, Now and Forever

With all of these wonderful, creative ideas and solutions, you can meet any problem head on. I have to warn you that it’s possible you may come to doubt your idea. You may be so excited about a new idea at first, only to hate it a short time later. This is very common, so you have to know when it’s time to drop an idea or when you’re just getting cold feet.

How do you know the idea is right for you? Really, the best test is to step away from it for a while. Let your subconscious work on it while you work on other things and experience other things. Return to the question or problem at hand at a later date, and see how you feel about it then.

It can also be really helpful for you to ask for other people’s opinions about the problem. Bouncing ideas around with other people can help you decide whether something is truly the right path. They may also give you ideas that shape it into something better–little tweaks that make you much more comfortable with the idea.

When in doubt, push forward anyway. Some of your ideas are going to be incredible winners, while others are not going to be as great. But really, what is the worst that can happen if you move forward? Usually, it’s nothing too terrible. The downsides are few, but the upsides are plenty. Push forward with your ideas, and you will see the rewards. Over time, you will become even more creative with even more wonderful ideas.


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