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Challenge Your Mind to Think in Different Ways

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, thinking about the same old problems, the same old way. But, there are easy and fun ways to challenge your mind that will have you thinking about your problems in new and different ways. Change the way your mind makes connections and you’ll be infinitely more creative.

As a first step, consider signing up for something like This Internet-based membership gives you logic puzzles and brainteasers that can actually help strengthen the way your brain makes connections. This will help you become smarter, more productive, and more creative in life and in work.

You can also try logic puzzles. Think of the ones typically sold in gas stations, bookstores, and drugstores. Try crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, logic scenarios, or whatever else you’re interested in. The point is to play games and try activities that really get you thinking in a way that takes your mind off of your usual problems while using your brain in a new way.

Pretend you’re a Different Person

You’ve probably noticed that I try to steer you away from sameness. I don’t want you to think the same way all the time. I want you to get out of your comfort zone and think in new ways. The following is a fun activity you can try whenever you’re indecisive or are stuck creatively—it’s definitely out of the ordinary.

Whenever you have a problem, pretend you’re a different person trying to solve it. For instance, you can pretend you’re your mother, your father, your boss, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George Bush, Mr. Rogers, Big Bird, Mother Theresa or whoever you’d like. Be creative with this.

Think about their traits and how they would tackle a problem or come up with a creative solution. Try this a few different ways for each creative problem you’re faced with. By entering into this different mindset, you’re opening your mind to new possibilities–possibilities that wouldn’t have presented themselves otherwise.

Always Try Something New

Examine everything from different angles. Work on adding new information to your mind to draw from, every single day. Don’t get stuck in your old ways of doing things all the time. Really have fun with as you explore new ways to be creative. It shouldn’t feel like this is a pain or something you’re stuck with. This should be a fun process that helps you explore your mind and access your creativity from many different angles. It will make your life easier and more meaningful in so many ways.


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