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Finding Ways to Enhance Your Marketing

I hope the wheels are really turning for you at this point. You should have a notebook full of extremely profitable ideas that you’ve generated through your research and brainstorming. Still waiting for the “secret”? That’s it... you’ve already found it. You need to study your market, study what’s profitable, constantly feed your brain, and write your ideas down so they can marinate.

Keep those great ideas coming, add to the list over time as you get inspired. As I mentioned earlier on, your very best, most profitable ideas are probably going to come to you when you least expect them.

But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t focus on the fact that the idea isn’t the only thing that matters. What you do with that idea matters a great deal. The idea is just the seed. But you need to plant that seed and nurture it until it matures and produces.

You need to execute the idea until it turns into something truly great. Don’t just deliver something that’s “okay” enough to be passable for your customers. Deliver something that far exceeds their expectations.

There are plenty of products, blog posts, and more out there that can help you bring your idea to maturity. For now, I want to concentrate on the marketing of that idea because that’s where so many people go wrong.

Some people have bad ideas or bad products. That’s a fast way to kill a reputation. Others have great ideas and bad products. Again, that product is going nowhere. Hopefully, you have both a great, profitable idea and a great product.

But even the very best product in the world won’t go anywhere at all if you don’t market it well. How can anyone buy it if they don’t even know about it? The answer is, they can’t. Profit doesn’t just happen instantly, even when you have a profitable idea. It happens when you get yourself in front of the buying market you know needs and wants what you have to offer.

The sad thing is that most people give up far too soon. They give up at the most crucial, important moment of all... they give up at the slightest challenge or moment of self-doubt… they give up right before they would have been successful.

The unsure product creator gives up short of marketing in the right places and getting sales. The failed niche website affiliate marketer gives up right before his audience would have discovered him. The failed Kindle author gives up after just one book, not fully realizing that it takes more than one for true success. The physical product seller gives up after trying to sell something to the wrong market. With a quick shift to the left, it could have worked.

It’s those quick shifts in strategy that move people to success. It’s the accurate research and investigation into profitable ideas that moves people to success. It’s also the power behind marketing to the right people that moves people to success. That’s something that absolutely can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

So, I urge you to not give up. I’ve seen so many people with great, but untapped potential, get to the point where they could have made a breakthrough, and then suddenly stop. That’s so sad, and I don’t want it to happen to you.

If you know you have a great idea, execute that idea to the best of your ability. Then market it like crazy. Give it your best shot. Your audience and customer base will believe in you if you believe in yourself

Don’t forget to leverage the marketing base of the “competition.” If you have something great to offer, you’ll sometimes be able to get other marketers on your side in the form of joint ventures or affiliate partnerships. Where there is a will to market your products, there is a way.

Once again, follow the path of success. How have others with great ideas in your niche gotten a lot of sales? How did they make a splash even if they were a relative unknown? Come up with your own great idea. There it is again... it’s all about the idea. But it’s just as much about the execution of that idea. It’s about putting that idea in the laps of those who are going to respond to it.

Some of your ideas to market your product or service won’t work. Ditch what isn’t working and focus on what is working. You’ll have certain methods (such as getting affiliates on your side) that work like crazy. You’ll have other methods that won’t work nearly as well. Choose what you like and what leads to the best results. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

For most marketers, it’s a mixture of your marketing and your level of traffic that determines your profitability. Get the right kind of traffic, then put the right kind of ad in front of them, and you’ll get the sale.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to marketing or you have a lot of experience. You need to build up your reputation over time. Some of the great thinkers in the world weren’t fully realized right away... probably most of them. If your great ideas aren’t getting recognized, keep pushing.

If you’re not earning what you know you should be earning from your efforts, keep pushing. Don’t stop until you achieve at the level you want to achieve at.

That might mean changing course and admitting your idea wasn’t so good after all. But, if you’ve brainstormed the “right way” (as if there ever could be a right way) you have to push until it happens for you. You have to make it happen.

Bottle up the motivation you’re feeling right now and allow it to carry you through until you’re successful. Return to this section whenever you feel like giving up, because I want you to keep going!

You’re the only one in the world with the idea you have right now. You’re the only one who can execute it like you can. You’re not going to let a little thing like “marketing” stand in your way. Figure it out and profit.


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