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Finding Profitable Ideas For Physical Products

Now let’s talk about how to choose physical products to sell on platforms like eBay and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). Amazon FBA especially offers a huge opportunity. It’s never been easier to get physical products in front of a willing and active audience without spending a huge of amount of time figuring out how to get visitors to see your sales pages, since Amazon already has that traffic.

The great thing is that these products are already out there. Someone, somewhere, has already determined that there is a need for these products and they are already physically created. You just need to source these great products at a low price so you can turn around and sell them for a higher price.

How do you know what to sell? There are many different opportunities out there. You can source products on the clearance ranks (and many do) to sell for a higher price on sites like Amazon. Or, you can private label your own products. If you’re going to private label products, you need to consider not only what will be profitable, but also what will be easy for you to manage without having to deal with a whole lot of customer service.

Note that there are many kinds of businesses with physical products and those “rules” won’t always apply. I’m speaking for the mostly-online marketer who wants to be profitable with as little effort as possible.

If your products are easy to manage and sell well, you can very easily scale your profits up. You might consider starting out with small orders and sending them to Amazon FBA where the marketing is done for you. It’s important to do your due diligence ahead of time, of course, and use tools like the Amazon FBA calculator to determine profitability.

It’s as simple as following the money. There are so many great physical products out there that you really don’t have to settle for just one of them. Physical products are different than info products because people buy them for very different reasons. I highly recommend you pick up my Amazing Amazon Genie FBA product for more on making smart decisions and learning much more, if this idea interests you.


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