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Why Your Ideas Fall Flat

Before we go any farther, let’s talk about why your business ideas tend to fall flat. It may have happened to you over and over again-- you think you have a fantastic idea and you work really hard on it but then it doesn’t really do well at all. It doesn’t earn any money for you… or at least not as much as you thought it would. No one seems to appreciate or care about your hard work. Do all your ideas just stink?

I assure you that’s not the case at all. You have it within you to come up with incredibly profitable ideas whenever you want to. It’s just that right now, you’re pulling from a place of stale, bland ideas. You haven’t yet fully tapped into your innate creativity and you haven’t figured out how to follow the clues success leaves so the projects you take on are more profitable more often than not. But, that’s all about to happen for you.

Besides, as I teach elsewhere and harp on over and over, failure is your friend. Not everything any of us touches is a huge success story, and if it is, that means you’re not aggressive enough in trying new things. Each failure or, better stated, non-success, is a learning experience, just as the 10,000 non-successful experiments were for Thomas Edison when he was attempting to invent what today we call the light bulb.

Allow Yourself to Be Inspired By Success

You have to allow yourself to become inspired by those who’ve already been successful. If you don’t tap into that creativity, then your chances of finding success are dramatically lowered. That’s why you always need to be filling your mind with new ideas, reading the success stories of others, and working on your personal development. For instance, what’s your “why” in business... why do you really care?

One way to become inspired is to read books about some of the creative geniuses that have come along. Again, success leaves clues, and sometimes virtual roadmaps to the paths that others have taken to become some of the most successful and most admired men and women of our time.

Work Less and Be More Fulfilled

It’s not a matter of working harder – it’s a matter of working smarter. In fact, when you focus your attention on more profitable ideas, you’ll probably work less and be more fulfilled because the projects that you take on will benefit you so much more.

Focusing on the wrong things strangles your energy and is really discouraging. Focusing on the right, profitable ideas will really boost your feelings about your business overall.

Having great ideas is one thing, but feeling good about those ideas and being confident they are the right ones is another thing altogether. Right now, it’s very likely that you’re letting personal issues and anxieties get in the way.

Past Failure Doesn’t Mean Current Failure

You feel like you have no way of knowing if your ideas are good right now. You feel you have no way of knowing how profitable they’ll be. This can make you extremely anxious. Past failures can lead you to believe that the thing you’re working on today will meet the same fate.

You often hear the words “past success is no guarantee of future results”, or words to that effect, from people and companies advertising financial investments. The opposite can also be true, that past failure is no guarantee that future results will be failures. Again, Thomas Edison tried 1000’s of times, sometimes with almost the same methods, when inventing new products. He didn’t let a single failure ruin his hopes for his ambitious ideas.

Your anxieties will be dramatically lower when you follow my method for finding profitable ideas. You won’t have to worry that your ideas are bad or that you’ll be met with failure time and time again.

In fact, you can be reasonably confident that your ideas will, in fact, be very profitable. I’m not going to say that you will never fail – the most successful, intelligent businesses with the most expert research teams in the world fail sometimes. But I am saying that your track record and your overall profits will rocket to the sky because now you’re doing things the right way.

Pay Attention to What Your Audience Needs and Wants

If you’re struggling in business right now, and your ideas and projects are constantly falling flat, then there’s a high likelihood that you’re not paying attention to what your audience needs and wants. This is something we’ll go very in-depth about. You have to understand your audience on a very intimate level if you want to be successful with your projects.

The really cool thing is that your audience leaves clues all over the Internet so it’s really not that hard to come up with ideas that will be very profitable. You’re simply going to provide them with what they desperately want to pay for already. It’s a win-win situation.

At this point, you’re not following the clues of success and you’re not tapping into your natural creativity. It’s a two-parter -- what will people pay for and what can you do better than everyone else?

You Have To Set Yourself Apart

Have you ever wondered why two companies can come out with something based on similar ideas, but one fails and one succeeds? Both started with a profitable idea, but there was something different about the execution. Often that difference is the energy and creativity behind it.

Maybe your ideas are pretty good, but they’re still falling flat. I’m going to teach you how to tap into your natural creativity and brainstorming power to overcome this problem.

Right now, you’re not innovating in a way that predicts the future of what will be profitable based on what already is. You can’t provide the same old thing everyone else is providing. Yes, I’m going to have you investigate what is already successful and profitable. It’s where you take the idea from there that will truly lead you to success.

The No-Stress Path to Profitability

Indeed, it’s the case that many people give up in business or fail because they have bad ideas. Working hard on a bad idea doesn’t lead to success. Working hard on a great, profitable idea and setting yourself apart in the marketplace is what leads to success.

I want you to earn more money in your business. I want your business and your ideas to be extremely profitable for you. But I don’t want you to have to stress over this in a way that holds you back. That’s exactly why I’m giving you a super simple method you can follow to find the best, most profitable ideas whenever you want to.

Gone are the days when you tried something new in business with a great deal of anxiety because you weren’t sure it was going to work out. Gone are the days when you had to spend long hours working on something that never impacted the marketplace at all. Follow the formula I’m giving you so you can have an endless stream of fantastic ideas at your fingertips.

You’re going to investigate the competition, your potential pool of customers, and the marketplace overall. You’re also going to predict market trends and tap into your innate creativity so you’ll be perfectly poised to grab the profits when you go to market.

This is something even the most successful business people need to be reminded of. Every business gets to a place where they feel like they’re just treading water, where they can’t seem to keep up. I suggest you revisit this guide whenever you’re feeling like your business is stagnant. This should give you a boost so you’ll never run out of profitable ideas or feel stuck again.

The great thing is that the more you practice successfully finding profitable ideas, the more likely they are to just come to you without even trying. They’ll come to you in abundance because you’ll be well practiced at finding them.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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