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The Value of More Profitable Ideas

You aren’t going to get far in business if you don’t have good ideas. Good, profitable ideas are what make or break a business. That’s why so many people work incredibly hard but don’t see the rewards in the end. They’re working way too hard on the wrong things.

That doesn’t have to be your story-- not anymore. It’s time for you to focus on profitable, surefire activities if you want to be thrilled with your work and profit like crazy.

You’re in Business to Make Money

Let’s get one thing clear from the very start – you’re in business to make money. Sure, you have goals that are co-mingled with that. You want to make a difference in the lives of others and you want to change your own life at the same time. But, to achieve your true goals, and satisfy your “why” for being in business, you need to turn a solid profit.

That’s another reason so many people fail in business. They become so married to their own ideas that they can’t climb their way out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves. They keep digging and digging without admitting that the gold just isn’t there. Call it stubbornness, or call it something else, many people just don’t want to admit that their first idea isn’t always the best one.

The ideas you have are what set you apart from everyone else. You’ve had amazing ideas and you’ve had ideas that are real duds. You’ve possibly had multi-million-dollar ideas that you pushed to the side in favor of something else. You’ve also had ideas that weren’t profitable and were never going to be, but you clung to them as if they were everything.

Focus On the Profitability of Your Ideas

It’s time to operate differently – it’s time to focus on the profitability of your ideas before you execute them so you can make a real difference in your market. Focusing on profit and what people are willing to pay for will change your financial life very dramatically.

In business, it’s so important not to move forward with any idea until you’re sure it will be profitable for you. Great ideas are those that satisfy a desperate problem or fulfill a deep desire or solve a problem. They’re also ideas people have a proven track record of paying for.

“But,” you say, “I have a great idea people really need... I can really help people with my idea.”

That’s great, and you should be helping people with what you do in business. But, that doesn’t signal profitability and often it’s a waste of time for everyone if you can’t profit.

Think of it this way – people don’t spend money on things unless they really want or need them. If people aren’t willing to spend money on something right now, then they don’t really need the product, service, or idea in the first place. So you’re not really helping anyone if you stay stuck with old, unprofitable ideas. Follow the profits, and you’ll also be really helping people.

Help Yourself and Help Others with Profitable Ideas

You want to wow your audience and stand apart from the competition. Following the profits doesn’t mean copycatting everyone else. It means following ideas you know are profitable and putting your own spin on them. You need to really stand out in the marketplace and fill in the holes other companies are missing out on.

Let’s go back to your goals for a minute. You’re in business to help yourself and to help others. The more money you earn, the more you can do for other people. No, money in and of itself isn’t fulfilling. But, money can help you to comfortably live a full life where you give back to others and every need you and your family have is taken care of.

Think of all the stresses you have in your life right now. Financial stress may be dragging you down mentally, emotionally, or even physically. But, if your financial worries are taken care of, you can be there for your family, friends, and customers much more readily and happily. It’s sort of like putting on your oxygen mask first so that you can then help others.

Fear Squashes Great Ideas

I mention this because many people fear chasing the money and it holds them back from the most profitable ideas. They almost feel like following the path to financial freedom is greedy. That’s not the case at all. Money is not evil in and of itself, it’s the love of money that is evil, where you do anything, even things that are unethical, that is evil.

Money can allow you to do a lot of good in the world if you use it rather than allow it to use you.

Remember, you earn money as a result of providing value. So the more value you can provide, the more you can earn.

Yes, you need to focus on your customers and what they need, but you’ll be doing that anyway by figuring out what they need so desperately that they’re willing to pay handsomely for it. Figure out what people are willing to pay for, in abundance, and you too can lead a more fulfilling life.

Profitable Ideas Open Doors

It’s a simple fact that the more money you make, and the more profitable ideas you have, the more doors will open up for you. You don’t have to stay stuck in the life you’re living right now where fear, self-doubt, and stress have taken over.

Or, maybe you feel pretty good about where you are in business right now, but you’d certainly like to make more money. You’d love to be able to tap into the profitable ideas other, more successful business owners seem to have in abundance. Why not you?

It all goes back to the fact that your ideas and creativity are the most valuable things you have. Even if you haven’t tapped into your innate creativity yet, and are doing the same old things as everyone else, it’s absolutely possible for you to master what I’m about to teach you... fast. You’re minutes away from being able to come up with creative, profitable ideas whenever you want to. You’ll have so many of them you could never use them all.

Great Ideas Deserve Follow Through

Every massive success story in business starts out as a seed of an idea. The determined person shapes that idea and brings it to fruition. They don’t just abandon their idea like so many out there. They follow through and push until the value of that idea is clear to the rest of the world, too. In some cases, it was by pure chance that their idea became profitable... but not usually.

You can never forget the fact that success leaves clues. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to make guesses about what’s going to make you a lot of money. You don’t have to guess about what people are willing to pay for. You can and should gather data before you brainstorm new ideas for business. You can pretty much assure your own success by doing a little bit of digging up front.

But that being said, sometimes doing the digging will mean that you come up with a great idea just because you were digging, not through the digging. The research might spark a connection inside your mind about something that hasn’t previously been done before in your field, leading you to think “why not that, why not me, why not now?”.

I don’t want you to fear that it’s going to take a ton of money or a lot of time to uncover surefire, extremely profitable ideas. We live in a fantastic time where everything we need is at our fingertips.

I’m going to show you exactly why your ideas fall flat right now, how the most successful companies in the world develop the most profitable ideas in the world, and how you can do the same thing. I’m even going to show you ways to automate this process so you can generate profitable ideas whenever you need or want to.

What can you do with these profitable ideas? Hopefully, you’ll follow through with them. You’ll push until your idea has turned into a reality. Suddenly, everyone else will be wondering what your secret is. You can share the secret... or not.


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